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Tagging for add-ons

As we mentioned earlier this year, we’ve been thinking about adding tagging to make add-ons easier to classify and discovery.  Starting last week, any add-on in AMO can get tagged by users and developers alike.  For those of you unfamiliar with tagging, it’s simply a way to add words or phrases that describe an add-on… Continue reading

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Statistics Dashboard Survey

If you’re an add-on developer who hosts an add-on on, please take a moment to fill out our survey on the statistics dashboard we provide to developers. This will help us improve the dashboard and make better decisions about further integrating statistics with the public site. Thanks!


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Firefox Add-ons Contributions Pilot

The Firefox Add-ons community is an amazing source of creativity and innovation for Firefox users all over the world. Thousands of developers create add-ons that foreshadow the future of Web browsers, and until today, developers who wanted some sort of financial support for their development efforts had few options. Today’s release includes a pilot of… Continue reading

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Reviews no longer needed for public nomination

For those of you looking to nominate your add-on for public status, you no longer need to have reviews from users to submit the nomination. We made this change to help our developers as it was hard to get public reviews while still in experimental status. All other requirements for nomination stay the same, to… Continue reading

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Removing the Sandbox

The “Sandbox Model” uses to organize and review add-ons was first announced almost 3 years ago. Since then, we’ve made a number of changes based on user feedback that, in my opinion, have greatly improve the experience of finding and installing add-ons that haven’t been officially reviewed yet. Today, the main feedback concerning the… Continue reading

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