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Add-on Success Story: Shareaholic for Firefox

We recently received some great news from Jay Meattle of Shareaholic and wanted to share it with the community: “This week we closed an angel round of funding for Shareaholic to support and accelerate ongoing development from prominent east coast angels. We may also be a part of a NY Times story this Sunday! The… Continue reading

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Miami Add-ons Meetup Rocked!

Last night we held an add-ons meetup in Miami and it truly was a great event. South Florida has a vibrant community of very talented developers and social media experts and that was clearly visible by the quality of questions and level of engagement by attendees. Similar to New York, the schedule was kept very… Continue reading

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Contributions stats and first run pages

For those of you who request contributions for your add-ons, you can now track your contribution amounts on AMO via the stats dashboard.  Like the contributions pilot itself, the enhancement to the dashboard is still evolving, so it’s pretty basic for now.  To see the contributions dashboard, simply go to your statistics dashboard and select… Continue reading


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Fennec – Handling Add-on Options

This was originally posted on Mark Finkle’s blog. Mark is a member of the Fennec mobile team. The add-on (extension) mechanism built into the Mozilla platform is very powerful. One of the optional features is support for options (preferences) dialogs. As discussed in my last post, Fennec doesn’t like dialogs. In addition, Fennec has a… Continue reading

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The Extend Firefox Contest is Over in 29 Days!

The October 2nd deadline is fast approaching and with only 29 days left to build the next great web experience, we wanted to remind you of the resources available to help you during the contest period: Mozilla Developer Center Your best source of information and starting point for Mozilla technical question should be the Mozilla… Continue reading

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Add-ons Meetup in Chicago, IL – Sept. 29th

Photo by kevindooley Along with Miami, FL on Sept 15th, we’ll be hosting another meetup in Chicago, IL on September 29th. If you’re in Chi-town, this will be a great opportunity to get to familiar with add-on development and have an opportunity to share your ideas with the AMO team. The full details of the… Continue reading

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Add-on Statistics Issue for 08-31-2009 and 09-01-2009

A server problem has prevented add-on statistics for 08-31-2009 and 09-01-2009 from being processed correctly. The Metrics team is currently working to resolve this and the data for those days should be restored soon. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

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