Supporting our add-on developers


There’s been interest lately around the SkipScreen add-on and we’re happy to report that we will continue to list this add-on on our site.  We continue to support add-on developers like SkipScreen and work hard to provide the best selection of browser add-ons on the Web.

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22 responses

  1. Ken Saunders


    Good call! The right one too.

  2. Jan

    thank you mozilla!

  3. Natty Dreed

    Thanks Mozilla ;)

  4. Herbert

    Awesome! I’m going to start creating ad-replacing add-on versions of greasemonkey scripts that I didn’t even write myself too. I always thought it was unethical to replace website’s ads with my own ads, but there’s no problem with it evidently. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. John

    I am very pleased to read of this development – Mediafire were absolutely trying to be bullies and twist the facts and laws around to suit their own purposes, glad to see that at least Mozilla is able to distinguish fact from fiction

  6. Mr. Anderson

    What ads? They tell you who sponsors them, companies who want to support them specifically, its not like they’re just selling random companies your browser space. And, if you don’t like it you can block the ads or not use the addon.
    And just because an addon has the same function as a greasemonkey script doesn’t automatically mean they stole their idea / code…

  7. Wladimir Palant

    Nice! Thanks a lot for this clear statement – and next time I’ll know where to send users asking for this feature.

  8. Otto de Voogd

    Definitely a good call, caving in to MediaFire’s threats would have put a lot more add-ons at risk that remove web-annoyances. Next they’d claim that removing ads or disabling JavaScript amounts to a violation of their terms of service.

  9. Chris

    This is SUCH the right decision, not just from your own standpoint, but in general. And any site that blocks Firefox users will simply lose my interest!

  10. Caesarivs

    Keeping the web free!!! Mozilla FTW!!! :D :D :D

  11. Júlio Souza

    Very well done Mozilla!!!

  12. Conan

    The Internet should be open. Mozilla made the right call, don’t let money hungry buisnesses push you around! I will no longer be using MediaFire whenever possible.

  13. Kevin

    Otto de Voogd, I totally agree with you!! Thanks Mozilla!

  14. Keith

    It is very inspiring to see that a Mozilla is standing up to the outrageous intimidation MediaFire attempted. Way to go!

  15. Jorge

    Who do MediaFire think, they are, google?

    That’s how it’s done mozilla, thanks.

  16. anon

    It doesn’t matter they were google, users deserve the right to browse using whatever software they choose.

  17. nasser

    Thanks a lot mozilla :)

  18. Robert Reese~

    Ooops. It seems that SkipScreen is now bundling spyware with its add-on.

    What a way to kick Mozilla and the EFF in the teeth! And this comes just DAYS after Mozilla and EFF backed the company.



  19. Meanwhile…

    SkipScreen blows it with a sneaky, off-site update that changes your homepage, even though you unchecked all the spam/bloat they try to get you to install with it.

  20. ya but

    try installing the .xpi file from thier site not the exe

  21. ya but

    choose other platforms not windows even though you have windows so it does not do the sneaky stuff

  22. digitalPanda

    This is one of the best news in ages, this addon is so useful that is a crime to try to shut it down.

    Users have the RIGHT to decide which web they want, and no company should force customers to watch and be infected by malicious ads.
    I know these hosting service are nice and have a lot of maintenance costs, but this isn’t a good reason.

    So Mediafire, back in your corner.

    You guys really rocks!

    The panda is happy now :)