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Testday for Testscripting your Add-on with MozMill

This is a guest blog post by Henrik Skupin from the Mozilla QA team. Mozmill, which is a framework for running functional tests, can be used for any application which is built on top of the Mozilla platform. This includes Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and many others. But it’s not only possible to test the application… Continue reading

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Add-ons Review Update – Week of 2010/02/23

Summary These weekly posts explain the current state of add-on reviews and other information relevant to add-on developers. There’s a lengthy overview of the Add-on Review Process posted in this blog as well. We’re just getting started with these, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Most nominations are being reviewed within 3 weeks. Our goal… Continue reading

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Private Browsing Support to be required for add-ons

Firefox 3.5 introduced the Private Browsing Mode feature. This feature allows users to browse freely without having any browsing information recorded on their history, or cookies stored in the system. PBM is activated from the Tools menu, with the Start Private Browsing option, and can be deactivated similarly. Ehsan Akhgari, creator of the PBM feature,… Continue reading

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Updating and porting your add-ons to SeaMonkey 2

It’s easy! SeaMonkey 2.0 has been out for a while, and it’s time for add-on developers to give it some love. If your add-on already works on earlier versions of SeaMonkey, you should update your add-on’s compatibility as soon as you can. If not, this is a good time to consider adding SeaMonkey compatibility and… Continue reading

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The Add-on Review Process and You

The add-on review process remains a mystery for many add-on developers. As a developer myself, I admit it feels like dropping your add-on into a bottom-less pit and just waiting (and hoping) for something to happen. As the weeks pass by, patience runs out and you wonder what’s going on.  Developers have rightly demanded more… Continue reading

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Personas: 57,000 and going strong!

The following post by Ryan Doherty is from the Personas blog. That’s right, you heard correctly, there are now over 57,000 personas on The past three weeks have been a blur for the Personas team and its contributors. We’ve seen millions of new users join our community and enjoy theming their Firefox. Thousands of… Continue reading


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Update your mobile add-ons for 1.1a1

This post comes from Caitlin Looney, from the Firefox Mobile team. Attention Firefox mobile add-on developers: Please ensure your mobile add-on minimum and maximum version is compatible with both the Maemo AND Windows Mobile platform. We will be releasing our fourth alpha of Fennec for Windows Mobile very soon and we want to make sure… Continue reading

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Experimenting with Add-on Promotions

This is a guest post by Pascal Finette from Mozilla Labs. We introduced a refreshed first run page with the launch of Firefox 3.6, which looks and feels more tightly integrated into the overall Firefox experience. As part of this page, we created a section which highlights the benefits of Firefox add-ons and directs users… Continue reading

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Update on the AMO Security Issue

Last week, we disclosed two instances of suspected malware in experimental add-ons on AMO.  Since that disclosure, we’ve worked with security experts and add-on developers to determine that the suspected trojan in Version 4.0 of Sothink Video Downloader was a false positive and the extension does not include malware.  The same investigation also confirmed that… Continue reading


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