The Jetpack Gallery’s Final Flight


With the deprecation of the Jetpack prototype in favor of the new Mozilla Add-ons SDK, it is time that the Jetpack Gallery take its final flight into the sunset. All add-ons developed with the Mozilla Add-ons SDK can be conveniently hosted on We invite anyone who developed an add-on with the Jetpack prototype to update their add-on(s) with the SDK or the new Add-ons Builder, and submit them to AMO.

Over the gallery’s short lifespan it amassed hundreds of Jetpack-based add-ons, nearly a thousand contributors, and advanced the Jetpack project enormously.

We would like to thank all those who were a part of the Jetpack Gallery for their participation in driving the Jetpack project. Your contributions helped us create a next generation add-on development SDK that makes it easier than ever before to develop add-ons for Mozilla products.

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5 responses

  1. Kissaki

    In fact, as the Jetpack Prototype Auto-Update check can’t be disabled (and not alters a cert-warning on each check) the Jetpack Prototype addon should be updated to at least disable the auto-update for the jetpackgallery page.
    Mh, in fact this problem only is only for the now offline and redirection jetpack gallery I just noticed while writing, so it’d be just that site to be excluded, which may be seen as expected for addons from that page.
    Well… Whatever :)

  2. Darn

    Will the old content be mirrored for download?

  3. Ricardo Panaggio

    Will the old content be mirrored for download? [2]

    I’d like to continue using my old Jetpack addons =(

  4. Vítor

    Ricardo Panaggio said:
    I’d like to continue using my old Jetpack addons =(

    Me too.

  5. lidija

    i d like to continue using Jetpack