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Add-ons Review Update – Week of 2010/12/22

Summary These posts written every 2 weeks explain the current state of add-on reviews and other information relevant to add-on developers. There’s a lengthy overview of the Add-on Review Process that should be read as a general guide about the review process. Most nominations are being reviewed within 10 days. Most updates are being reviewed… Continue reading

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Add-on-Con 2010 Round-up

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Add-on-Con last week! We enjoyed seeing so many energetic add-on developers and look forward to what you go and create. We’ve received many requests for our speakers’ presentations, so here they are: SDK Training by Myk Melez Firefox 4 Compatibility by Jorge Villalobos Opening Keynote & Making Add-ons… Continue reading


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Announcing Add-on SDK 1.0b1

The Jetpack team is thrilled to announce the release of Add-on SDK 1.0b1, the first beta release of Mozilla’s new software development kit for building Firefox add-ons! Add-on SDK 1.0b1, the culmination of months of hard work and nine alpha releases, is the best way to get started with building add-ons for the upcoming Firefox… Continue reading

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Add-on-Con: Firefox 4 Compatibility Presentation

I presented at Add-on-Con a few hours ago, covering (surprise, surprise) Firefox 4 compatibility. This presentation includes most of the stuff we’ve been talking about on this blog, including a few new tidbits like CSP which we will be talking more about in the future. There’s also a section mentioning a couple new technologies included… Continue reading

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Toolbar buttons and icons in Firefox 4

Update 2: there’s a new blog post up that details the new theme rules. They’re much simpler, so I strongly recommend you use them instead of the ones detailed here, even though they still work. Update: the resolution of bug 616472 (see comments below) may have a significant impact on this documentation. I will create… Continue reading

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