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Jetpack Project: weekly update for Nov. 29, 2011

Project News Shipped SDK 1.3 Landed initial implementation of the Preferences API (although this won’t make it into 1.3). Encouraging results from the latest round of performance testing for SDK-based add-ons. Started planning a new API enabling developers to create pages like the about:addons page: that is, they’re not intended to host normal web pages,… Continue reading

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Announcing Add-on SDK 1.3!

The Jetpack team is proud to announce the release of Add-on SDK 1.3! This version of the SDK has some bugfixes, and some new features. Highlights of this release are: – Fixed a bug where panel-based content scripts don’t work after reloading or changing location – We now officially support Python 2.7 – Loads of… Continue reading

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Jetpack Project: weekly update for Nov. 22, 2011

Project News Alexandre Poirot blogged about changes in the Localization proposal. Last Saturday’s SDK hack day, thanks in particular to the Chico State open source team who drove 3 hours to attend. Irakli Gozalishvili landed a patch to the SDK last night to allow much simpler implementation using a namespace scheme. Quick Stats Total open… Continue reading

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Add-ons Update – Week of 2011/11/17

I post these updates every 3 weeks to inform add-on developers about the status of the review queues, add-on compatibility, and other happenings in the add-ons world. The Review Queues Nominations for full review at the moment are being processed slower than usual. Most nominations are taking about 6 weeks to review. Most updates are… Continue reading

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Jetpack Project: weekly update for Nov. 15, 2011

Project News MozCamp EU was this weekend including several great talks related to add-ons and the SDK. Thanks to Alexandre Poirot, Brian King, Jorge Villalobos and David McNamara for helping out! Thanks to Lajos Koszti ( @Ajnasz on Github ) for pull request 262. There’s still time to register for the SDK hack day this… Continue reading

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Toolbar bug in themes in Firefox 8 for Mac OS X Lion

Theme developer (and AMO Editor) KLB reported this bug after some discussions we had at MozCamp EU. It was a regression caused by the fix for this other bug, which is just a minor toolbar update for Mac OS X Lion. The culprit bug fix includes the following override: override chrome://browser/skin/Toolbar.png chrome://browser/skin/lion/Toolbar.png os=Darwin osversion>=10 This… Continue reading

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SDK Hack day: what to expect

In just over a week the Jetpack project will be hosting an SDK hack day in Mountain View. I’ve decided to keep the event’s format as flexible as possible so as to make sure we can accommodate various levels of experience: If you’re a web developer curious about branching out and hacking the browser, we… Continue reading

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Jetpack Project: weekly update for Nov. 8, 2011

Project News Alex and I are presenting on upcoming SDK Localization features this weekend at MozCamp EU in Berlin, as part of an exciting add-on related track! The SDK hack Day in Mountain View on November 19th is coming up fast! Register here. Quick Stats Total open bugs: 209 Bugs created this week: 9 Bugs… Continue reading

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Firefox 8 is Coming!

Firefox 8 is scheduled to be released next Tuesday, November 8, so we wanted to remind those of you who need to bump the compatibility of your add-on to do so soon! If you fall into this group, please be sure to read our update on Firefox 8 compatibility here. Also, this blog post has… Continue reading

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