Blocklisting malicious Codec add-ons


A group of malicious add-ons going by various names like Codec, Codec-C and Codec-M have been added to the add-on blocklist. This is a new type of block that covers multiple add-on ids, so we want to cover all of our bases and give users a place to comment if they think an add-on they installed was incorrectly blocked. Please post below if this applies to you.

To discuss the recent Java plugin blocks, please comment on the Java block post. Thank you.


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  1. Kinkh


    The extension “Battlefield Play4Free” was incorrectly blocked. The extension is required for running the on-line FPS game “Battlefield Play4Free”. Please look into this matter.
    Thank you!

    1. Florin Anghel


    2. Jorge Villalobos Author

      Can you please enter about:support in the URL bar, look in the Extensions list and post the ID of the Battlefield Play4Free extension?

      1. JalluNasse

        1. Jorge Villalobos Author

          Thanks. Initially, the block was set up in a way that would affect that ID. It was updated within a few minutes and it shouldn’t do that anymore. Users who downloaded the blocklist within that time frame can do the following:

          1) Close Firefox.
          2) Locate your profile folder.
          3) Delete blocklist.xml from that folder.
          4) Start Firefox.

          Alternatively, you can just wait for about 24 hours until the blocklist is updated again. Sorry for the disruption.

          1. JalluNasse

            ok, thnx for quick reply.

  2. Florin Anghel

    Please unblock the Battlefield Play4Free add-on, or at least investigate on why it has been blocked, then contact the publisher (EA Games) to fix whatever issues there may be.

  3. JalluNasse

    if u installed this from “” then its false alert
    some where else? delete it and get it from site abow

  4. Gary Atch

    Why are all the games on Pogo blocked because of Java 7 update 11? Can’t load any games

  5. Aviram

    Why is our extension blocked from the users??
    Please fix it ASAP

    This is our website:

    and if you want direct download:

    1. Jorge Villalobos Author

      Assuming it was built on the platform, we’re working with them to fix this problem. The extensions should no longer be blocked, though.

  6. Mary Plesnicar

    why is codec and Vaudix blocked suddenly. I use them to watch movies. I have not had a problem with them