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Posts by Amy Tsay is becoming read-only

We’re in the final stretch of the migration from to AMO! On Thursday, 3/28 at approximately 2pm PDT, will become read-only—this means you won’t be able to create an account or log in. It also means you won’t be able to submit any new themes until the migration is complete, in about 1-2… Continue reading

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March Featured Add-ons

The votes are in for March featured add-ons! Featured add-ons are selected by a community board, which nominates and votes on outstanding add-ons that appeal to a wide audience. Anyone can nominate add-ons for the board’s consideration, so don’t be shy! Simply send an email to with your suggestion (you’re welcome to submit your… Continue reading

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** 3/26/13 UPDATE ** The final stage of migration will begin Thursday, Mar 28 at 2pm PDT. At this time, will go into read-only mode, which means it will not accept any new registrations, logins, or theme submissions. We expect this process to last up to two weeks. After migration is complete, you will… Continue reading

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Dress up your Firefox for Android

If you haven’t tried Firefox for Android, it’s fast, easy-to-use, and now customizable with themes! Simply go to on your Android device and tap on the Themes tab. You can browse or search for different designs to try on, and when you find the one you like, tap “Keep it”.

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Help us select featured add-ons!

When add-ons are featured, they gain visibility and downloads; the developers are rewarded for their efforts, and users are assured the add-ons are vetted and useful. Starting this Spring, in addition to featuring extensions, we will also begin to feature complete themes! A fresh batch of complete themes will be chosen once a quarter, and… Continue reading

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Improvements to the Reviewer Program

The reviewer incentive program has been running for a few months now, and a few reviewers are already on Level 5! Since this is a new program, we’ve been monitoring the point accumulation and listening to feedback, and have decided to make a few changes. Point Distributions To spread out the points more evenly between… Continue reading

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Themes on AMO

Personas has officially joined the Themes family on AMO! The renaming is finally complete, and we’d like to thank you for your patience. People looking for ways to change the look of their Firefox no longer have to worry about the difference between a “background” theme and a “complete” theme. Simply click over to the… Continue reading

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Improving performance with static themes

In order to accommodate various screen resolutions and header heights, themes (formerly Personas) require very large image files. Header images need to be 3000 x 200 px and footer images 3000 x 100 px. As a result, loading them slows down Firefox. Animated themes pose an even more persistent problem for performance, because animated images… Continue reading

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Review add-ons and get gear!

Our volunteer reviewers make amazing contributions—with more than 3 billion downloads of add-ons on AMO, they are at the front lines ensuring add-ons are safe to use. To recognize their time and effort, we have launched a reviewer incentive program. For each add-on review, reviewers accumulate points that fetch them cool gear! If you are… Continue reading

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