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Gathering developer feedback for the Add-ons SDK

Hello Add-on Developers! We’ve constructed a brief survey to gather feedback about your interactions with the Add-ons SDK. Specifically, we want to understand the experiences you’ve had with the APIs thus far, so be sure to choose the an API for your answers that is either the most crucial to your development efforts or that… Continue reading

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Jetbug – Add-on SDK debugging to the fullest!

Dogfooding is an essential part of product development for many reasons and should not be a task set aside for only certain teams. Dogfooding products helps you understand the true user experience a product offers, brainstorm new features, and uncover rough edges in need of correction. Recently while using the Add-ons SDK for a Personas… Continue reading

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“Should we add it?” – Persona height adjustment

Personas continues to be a smash hit among Firefox users and boasts a vibrant community of users, artists, and reviewers with over 200,000 personas to choose from. That said, we should continue to explore ways to enhance Personas together as a community. “Should we add it?” posts like this one, will give us an opportunity… Continue reading

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Mozilla Add-ons SDK 0.7 Example

The release of the Mozilla Add-ons SDK 0.7 brings with it many useful APIs developers can leverage to create an even wider variety of Firefox add-ons without touching a single line of code from the underlying Mozilla platform. Notable APIs from 0.7 include Clipboard, Notifications, and the topic of this post, the Panel API. The… Continue reading

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“New Ways to Extend and Personalize the Web” @FudCon Chile 2010

FUDCon (Fedora Users and Developers Conference) conferences are events the Fedora community holds around the world featuring numerous talks and workshops focused on the Fedora project. The conferences provide attendees and the community an opportunity to highlight key contributions in the FLOSS space. This year, I received an invitation to FUDCon in Santiago Chile on… Continue reading

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The Jetpack Gallery’s Final Flight

With the deprecation of the Jetpack prototype in favor of the new Mozilla Add-ons SDK, it is time that the Jetpack Gallery take its final flight into the sunset. All add-ons developed with the Mozilla Add-ons SDK can be conveniently hosted on We invite anyone who developed an add-on with the Jetpack prototype to… Continue reading

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