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Personas are joining the Themes family

2/28/13 Update on the migration » Early last month, we asked for your help in choosing a new name for the Personas feature in Firefox. We’ve found that most users, even those who use Personas, don’t know them by that name, and new users can’t tell what a “Persona” is by its name. After… Continue reading

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Renaming Personas

Firefox users love Personas. They’re a fun and easy way to customize Firefox and make it your own. But in talking with new users, we’ve learned that they are often confused by the name and don’t quite get that Personas are just another way to theme your browser. And more often than not, when a… Continue reading

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Future of Personas – Round Two

After much feedback about the current Personas integration in Firefox 3.6 I thought I’d update everyone on our current plans for, the Personas feature in Firefox and the Personas Plus add-on. As stated before, we will be migrating over to (AMO). This will involve redesigning the entire personas section of AMO… Continue reading

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The Future of Personas

As you may already know, Personas in Firefox 3.6 has been a phenomenal success. In the past month we’ve seen millions of Firefox users discover Personas for the first time and create over 30,000 personas. Firefox users want to customize their browser and Personas give them that ability in a simple and beautiful way. With… Continue reading

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