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Add-ons Manager Search Results Now Limited to Fully Reviewed Add-ons

Having a wide variety of content on has always been a top priority for us, which is why some years ago we decided that we needed two different levels of acceptance for the add-ons we host and distribute. Fully reviewed add-ons meet all of our quality standards, while preliminarily reviewed add-ons only have to… Continue reading

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Firefox 17 Compatibility Update

Firefox 17 was released yesterday, and there a couple of notable compatibility issues that have surfaced and are worth pointing out. Tab Mix Plus currently incompatible The popular Tab Mix Plus extension is causing some problems for users in Firefox 17. The problems include broken menu items – like the one that opens the Add-ons… Continue reading

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Strengthening User Control of Add-ons

It’s no secret that Firefox users love to install add-ons — more than 1.5 million are downloaded every day from our official gallery. But users aren’t the only ones who love adding on to Firefox: third-party applications frequently install bundled add-ons into Firefox as part of their own installation process. While some of these applications… Continue reading

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Firefox 7 add-on compatibility, and looking forward to 8

Firefox 7 was moved to the Aurora channel a little over a week ago, and we’re preparing to run the automated compatibility upgrade for all add-ons on AMO that are already compatible with Firefox 6. If you want to benefit from these compatibility bumps, your add-on should have a maximum compatibility of 6.* at present.… Continue reading

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Making your add-on compatible with Firefox 4

Firefox 4 beta 7 is out, and now is the best time to evaluate your add-on’s compatibility with the next major Firefox release. This is the first “feature frozen” release, meaning that there will be no more major changes performed to the UI, APIs or features in Firefox. Other than bug fixes and stability improvements,… Continue reading

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Add-on compatibility for Firefox 4 – time to get started

As most of you are already well aware of, Firefox 4 Beta 1 was released a few weeks ago. Beta 2 will follow very soon, and the final version is expected late this year. This relatively long transition period is great for add-on developers, because it gives us plenty of time to update and test… Continue reading

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Add-ons Review Update – Week of 2010/06/22

Summary These bi-weekly posts explain the current state of add-on reviews and other information relevant to add-on developers. There’s a lengthy overview of the Add-on Review Process posted in this blog that should be read as a general guide about the review process. Most nominations are being reviewed within 7 days. Almost every update is… Continue reading

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