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Update your add-on in time for Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is gearing up for full launch! We’re really excited about Firefox 4, with a streamlined Add-ons Manager, and numerous other performance and UI improvements. Firefox 4 Beta is now API frozen, so if you haven’t already done so, please make sure your add-on is compatible. Firefox 4 is a significant upgrade that may… Continue reading

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A week of collections

It’s been a week since we launched the new collections feature on, and the response has been amazing! Above the Fold has details on press coverage, and we’re happy to see so many bloggers and news sites creating their own collections. Reading the articles, it was very exciting to see that people really understood… Continue reading

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Add-on Jockey

Since moving to California, I’ve found myself listening to the radio a lot more than in previous years. I think this is largely because my favorite station here plays a lot more of the music I like and has a lot of new artists and songs that I haven’t heard before. Music and Firefox add-ons… Continue reading

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Slides for today’s presentation

A friendly reminder- we’ll be talking today at 12:30 PM PST on (Firefox 3.1 required). For those of you who like to read ahead, here are the slides: AMO 2009 View more presentations or upload your own. You’ll also be able to ask questions in #airmozilla on, or via the website. Hope… Continue reading

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