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Private Browsing Support to be required for add-ons

Firefox 3.5 introduced the Private Browsing Mode feature. This feature allows users to browse freely without having any browsing information recorded on their history, or cookies stored in the system. PBM is activated from the Tools menu, with the Start Private Browsing option, and can be deactivated similarly. Ehsan Akhgari, creator of the PBM feature,… Continue reading

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Add-on Review Process Redesign

Hello. My name is Jorge Villalobos, and I’m the new (first, really) Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla. I’ll be working on bringing the add-on developer community and Mozilla closer together. I have been an add-on developer for over 2 years, working on around a dozen add-ons during that time. I’ve worked on a few… Continue reading

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