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Migrating to the rapid release process

Wait, what, migrating to the rapid release process? Aren’t we, like, doing that? Well, not in the data models that drive the l10n dashboard. What follows is two-fold, for one, why would I be hacking on a patch for half a year? But also, there are some interesting technical tidbits on how to do intensive […]

compare-locales 0.9.5

Busy times for compare-locales, there’s another release out the door. New in this release are a significant rewrite of the Properties parser. A lot less regular expressions, a lot more performance in bad situations. Thanks to glandium for poking me hard with a patch. That patch didn’t work, but at least it got my butt […]

What’s a glossary term?

I’m hacking on some tool that indexes the localizable strings in our apps. One of the fall-outs could be a glossary tool, i.e., which terms in Firefox, Thunderbird, etc should localizers bother to get consistently translated. Which raises an interesting question, where do you draw the line? What’s a good metric to use to define […]

Web-based IDEs for Localization

There isn’t much news on the localization tool front that I started at MozCamp in Berlin, but I’ve got some more questions for the web tool guys among you. As any good project, a localization editor should stand on the shoulders of giants, so I’ve been looking at Orion, Cloud9/Ace, and etherpad-lite. All of them […]

compare-locales 0.9.4 released

There’s yet another update to compare-locales, we’re now at 0.9.4. Please update your local installs with pip install -U compare-locales Changes since 0.9.3 are: Catch % as error. Sadly, there’s not much more the parser reports than Invalid Token, but at least it says something. You need to escape that as %. Stability fix, there […]

Minor update to compare-locales for mobile/android/base

I’ve just pushed a minor update to compare-locales to pypi and the dashboard. The only change is that it applies the android quote tests to the files in mobile/android/base. As always, update your local installs by pip install -U compare-locales

compare-locales 0.9.2 released

I just uploaded a new release of compare-locales to pypi, hg.m.o and github. Changes since the last released version: Support for nested l10n.inis, notably, browser/branding. Errors on CSS specs, notably, if en-US is a length or min-width etc, the translation also needs to be one. Warn if CSS specs don’t match in property or unit. […]

Mozilla Europe and Mozilla in Europe

The message below has been communicated to MozCamp Berlin attendees and Mozilla employees via email, signed by Mitchell Baker and Tristan Nitot, but this should be public, so it has been posted to mozilla.governance. We also wanted to put it on a blog so that it ends on, but Tristan’s server is in trouble. […]

Ask Pike at MozCamp Asia 2011

I’ll be at MozCamp Asia 2011, and as I haven’t been to Asia outside of India, I figured I should talk about the things you want me to talk about, and not about what’s on my head. Thus, the session is gonna be titled “Ask Pike”, and I’m fielding questions on google moderator. Of course, […]

… sung to the tune of …

Everytime I redesign I cry a little Everytime I change my mind I wonder why a little Sung to the tune of that song that Simply Red covered and bug 650816.