Upgrade your graphics drivers!

Firefox 4 brings many new features in the Graphics department, notably hardware acceleration and WebGL. However, when we turned these features on by default in nightly builds around September last year, and then in Beta 7,  crash statistics and bug reports quickly showed that bugs in graphics drivers were often making these features misbehave. We reacted by selectively disabling these new features on buggy drivers, based on the large amounts of information collected by beta testers. Of course, Firefox remains fully functional: only these new features get disabled.

The resulting driver blocklist is worth reading if you want to get the most out of Firefox 4:

Unfortunately, certain computer manufacturers do not allow end users to upgrade drivers on their own. Hopefully these manufacturers will eventually give their users these much needed graphics driver updates.

52 Responses to “Upgrade your graphics drivers!”

  1. bjacob says:

    Lee: Chrome is now using a GPU blacklist very similar to Firefox’s, see:

  2. Good information,I will upgrade my Nvidia graphic card