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WebGL 1.0.1 conformance testing, part 2

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Last week, I asked people to participate in WebGL 1.0.1 conformance testing. The response has been amazing and I want to thank everyone for that.

The results can be seen in the archives of the dedicated Google Group. Thanks to these, we have identified and fixed a couple of bugs in Gecko, we have landed a couple of work-arounds for widespread driver issues, and we have even found and corrected an issue in a WebGL conformance test that was non-passable on color-managed systems!

So now is a great time to start a second round of mass testing.

Please follow the instructions on this page!

Firefox users: please use a Nightly build from today (2012-04-21) or newer. Results should be very good. Also, at this point, any test failure is very likely to be a driver bug worth reporting to your driver vendor.

While I’m only speaking with my Mozilla hat here, we are interested in results from all WebGL-capable browsers on desktop platforms. These include Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, on Windows, Mac OSX and desktop Linux.

Your help needed: run WebGL 1.0.1 tests in today’s Nightly build

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

In the WebGL WG, we’re currently asking people to run WebGL 1.0.1 conformance tests in Nightly builds of their favorite browsers, using recent graphics drivers, to see the actual status of passing conformance tests on real drivers.

As far as Firefox is concerned, some important fixes just arrived in today’s (20120417) Nightly builds, and so, if you have recent graphics drivers, I would like very much you to get this build or upgrade to it, and follow these instructions.

We’re interested in this on the 3 main desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux. And of course, it is also very interesting if you can test that on other browsers, such as: Chrome 20 or Canary, Opera 12, Safari WebKit Nightly builds.

Many thanks!

Update: Huge thanks to everyone who contributed. I have enough data for rigth now, but as fixes and workaround keep landing, it’s always useful to have more people testing in the future. Other browser vendors may also be interested in more testing. I will probably ask for more Firefox testing in a few days once some more workarounds have landed.

Update 2: Time for a second round of testing! See my new post.