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E-voting in French election requires out-of-date Java plugin, blocked by Firefox

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

France is trying e-voting for the first time in the upcoming legislative elections, for French voters residing outside of the country (one million voters), and it’s defective to an amazing extent — even by e-voting standards.

It requires the Java plug-in. Not only that, but it doesn’t even work with the latest version 1.7 of it, and requires the outdated version 1.6, which of course is blocked by Firefox for security reasons.

As a result, the French government (still same link) is going as far as asking voters to use another browser!

Only the Oracle version of Java is supported. OpenJDK is explicitly unsupported.

Update: It seems that Firefox doesn’t block the newest revisions of Java 1.6 (only 1.6.30 and below are blocked). Assuming that’s correct, the French government’s message asking users to switch to a different browser is unfounded.