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A customized “planet Mozilla” with a focus on Gecko development

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Planet Mozilla doesn’t do what I personally need. Planet Mozilla Projects gets closer, but misses the mark: still far more stuff than I can read, and misses some very useful one-person blogs.

So here’s a Google Reader that does what I want. It currently aggregates 40 Mozilla-related feeds, some of them from Planet Mozilla, some others from Planet Mozilla Projects. It’s unabashedly biased toward my personal interests. You might find it useful too. Suggestions for additional feeds to add are welcome.

Here’s a rough description of what to expect there:

  • Over 50% Gecko-related posts.
  • Some hacking tips.
  • Some other Mozilla technical things.
  • Some other Mozilla non-technical things to stay connected with the wider community, like the excellent Bonjour Mozilla.
  • As little personal/ego blogging as possible — hard to make guarantees as some otherwise very interesting feeds can occasionally digress a bit. That’s a tough call, as I have to refrain from adding some otherwise very useful feeds to avoid diluting the blogroll too much with off-topic posts.
  • No political/philosophical/religious blogging at all. I promise I’ll unconditionally remove any feed I notice doing that. (Oops: now I expect that the Planet Mozilla audience will flame me, pointing out that this post of mine is precisely doing politics. Well, yes, but not that kind of politics.)