Developer Tools 2011 Roadmap



In 2010, Mozilla started increasing its focus on developer tools. In the last 3 months, we were working on:

  • Building the Web Console for Firefox 4
  • Helping to ensure that Firebug is compatible with Firefox 4. Thanks to the work of both of the Firebug and the Firefox teams, Firefox 4.0 beta 10 and Firebug 1.7 alpha 9 will have the best JS debugging experience of Firefox 4 so far and are converging toward final releases.
  • Merging Skywriter with Ace, providing a great future for that project

In addition, we’ve also been thinking about the kinds of tools we want to build and enable people to build. I posted some initial thoughts to dev-apps-firefox back in October and have collected up a good bit of feedback since then.

With that small bit of introduction, I’d like to point you to the Developer Tools 2011 roadmap. Keep an eye on this blog, because we’ll have more plans and releases posted here, especially after Firefox 4 ships.

Kevin Dangoor, on behalf of the developer tools team

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