Weekly DevTools Meeting Notes May 12


This morning (or afternoon, for many participants in the call), we had our weekly developer tools update meeting. As usual, the notes are on the wiki and anyone is invited to call in.

Highlights from this week’s call:

  • The Scratchpad has landed, and we’re already getting some good feedback from nightly users. Scratchpad provides a simple way to work with and prototype JavaScript in your browser.
  • Expect Firebug 1.7.1 this week. Firebug 1.8 will enter beta soon, to match Firefox 5.
  • Three short demos of in-progress work for your viewing pleasure:
  • The Debugger feature is a large one, and Dave Camp just put a lot of attention into the feature page with a plan forward.
  • We discussed overall UI a bit (freely dockable panels, Firebug and Web Inspector-style “all-in-one” views, some in-between options). What kinds of views will help your workflow the most?

We have a lot of work in motion right now, and I welcome any questions or feedback about our work!

Kevin Dangoor on behalf of the devtools team