Weekly DevTools Meeting Notes May 19


Today’s meeting was filled with updates from work-in-progress. You can read the full wiki notes, but the highlights appear below:

  • Mihai Sucan posted a demo of two new Web Console features that will be in Firefox 6: a new popup that makes autocompletions clearer and easier, and the ability to change the position of the Web Console (an improvement mostly created by David Dahl).
  • Joe Walker posted a demo of the “graphical command line interface” (GCLI). This Command Line is a feature that we’re working on to provide an easy, discoverable way to control all of your developer tools using the keyboard (or mouse+keyboard, if you prefer!)
  • Joe also posted a video of the Style Doctor.
  • Cedric Vivier is hard at work on a new Style Editor and has posted a screenshot of his in-progress stylesheet selector and editor. This editor has a bit of secret sauce that we’re really excited about.
  • Dave Camp set up a page that gives you a quick and easy rundown of repositories that contain a lot of our in-progress work. That “secret sauce” I mentioned in the last bullet? Well, we don’t really like to keep secrets at Mozilla.

And, a final bit of news we’re excited about: Paul Rouget is going to help us make our tools even better for even more web developers. Welcome, Paul!