Weekly DevTools meeting notes (June 16)


The full meeting notes have the details, but the highlights are right here:

  • Welcome Nick Fitzgerald (fitzgen on irc)! Nick is an intern with us for the summer. He’s already diving into the Command Line and will also be involved with the Style Doctor
  • Work on Tilt progresses, as you can see in Victor Porof’s latest video.
  • Check out the new console.timeStamp feature that’s coming in Firebug
  • Note that Firefox 5 is coming out next week, and Firebug 1.7.2 is compatible with it (yay!). Firebug 1.8 will come out shortly after Firefox 5.
  • console.group/groupEnd have an implementation that you can see in Panos Astithas’ video.
  • The Highlighter and the ability to register commands with the new Command Line are ready to land! Stay tuned for more.
  • Mihai Sucan posted a try build with the new code editor integrated into the Scratchpad. If all goes well, this feature will be in the next Aurora.