Weekly developer tools update, Feb 9


Here are the highlights from this week’s developer tools meeting.

  • Panos is now a devtools module peer!
  • Firebug 1.10a3 coming tomorrow
    • extension API should be roughly complete and stable
    • multi-line command line is based on Firefox’s SourceEditor, which means it will have syntax highlighting
  • Firebug is considering moving to GitHub
  • Pseudo-class lock API has landed. UI work is underway.
  • Paul has been experimenting with a new way to view the page inspector. Here’s a mockup with more tools.
  • The Style Editor has been updated so that saving to local files (file:// URLs) is immediate (no file dialog)
  • Cedric posted a video of the Style Editor showing inline documentation for CSS properties
  • The textarea fallback for the SourceEditor has been removed
  • The JavaScript Debugger that has been in development the past few months has landed. It’s not ready for real use, but this is the first step. It’s available in Nightly if you set devtools.debugger.enabled to true.

As usual, the complete meeting notes are on the wiki.