Firefox Developer Tools Update, June 21


The weekly update is back! This post has the highlights of the past week in developer tools. The full notes, as before, are on the wiki.

  • Many fixes for the Debugger have been merged to Aurora this week. It has solidify a lot since Firefox 15 first went to Aurora. Thanks for all of the testing and bug reporting and thanks to the debugger team (Panos, Victor and Rob) for the quick fixes!
  • You know that Firebug 1.10 that’s been in alpha releases for a while? It’s not gonna be alpha much longer.
  • Joe will be posting details on a command line hackday are coming very soon, so keep an eye on this blog!
  • Panos posted twoscreencasts of the in-progress GSoC “Timeline” project and it’s off to a great start. Try it yourself or check out the code by grabbing the xpi from GitHub. Awesome work by Optimizer.

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