Rust status

March 22nd, 2011

The past few months have involved a long, slow, feature-at-a-time climb toward bootstrapping; we’ve made over 1000 commits since the last update and produced some 20,000 additional lines of rust code. We can now compile the standard library with rustc and are just a few remaining pieces away from compiling rustc with itself. In the process we’ve developed a good set of ideas about where the language could use improvement and are excited to get going on actually evolving it. This summer should be exciting.

In the meantime the team has grown. Patrick Walton has returned from contributing to Firefox 4 to do rust full time, and we’ve been joined by new full-timers Rafael Espindola and Marijn Haverbeke, as well as our first two interns of the year, Lindsey Kuper and Tim Chevalier, and our remarkably effective volunteer Brian Anderson. Everyone’s producing code at a healthy rate now; the combined pace of development is amazing to watch.

Welcome everyone!

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