Mozilla has an unlawful harassment policy in place with respect to employment. I believe its conditions should be considered as criteria for participation in communities and communication channels that we, as an organization, own, operate, aggregate or re-publish under our name and trademarks. I’m surprised and saddened that there is any question over this.

This has nothing to do with separating “work” from “non-work” or “mozilla-related” from “personal”, or having a “political” difference of opinion. It has to do with denoting behavior that is not acceptable within a community. There’s no regulation against relating a funny story from outside of work, or showing your vacation pictures to a co-worker. There is a regulation against harassing someone over their sexual orientation (or race, religion, gender, and several other protected matters). That’s the line and you should not cross it.

It is not difficult to have a code of conduct. State it clearly and make sure everyone understands why you have it and enforce it when it is violated. Here is a popular example.

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