Graphics BugKill day: Friday, October 7, 2011

On Friday, October 7, the Graphics team is going to be having the inaugural BugKill day.

Currently, there are over 2000 bugs in various graphics-related bugzilla components. This is too many for any person to keep in her head.

Our goal is to get down to about 300 bugs per component by a mix of closing obsolete bugs and creating new components. We’ll then be in a position to keep our bugs in check, because each component will have one or two people able to monitor and triage bugs.

During this BugKill day, everyone involved will be given a Bugzilla query, and they’ll be responsible for going through, bug by bug, and determining whether the bug still applies. Due to the volume of bugs, we don’t expect to be able to get through them all, but we should be able to process several hundred.

If you’re interested in participating as a BugKiller, please let me know before the end of the day next Tuesday, October 4th so I can divide up the bugs. You’ll be joining the entire graphics team, who will be spending their full working day BugKilling.

If you’re interested in observing, we’ll be working through our bugs on in channel #gfx, and we’ll also likely have an open video channel for discussion (the Graphics Vidyo room).

I’ll also have a post-BugKill report to talk about common issues, pitfalls, how successful we were, and where we’re going to go from our current state.


  1. Is SVG going to get any love? There are about 481 bugs currently open on SVG and at least 460 of them are UN-assigned:—&list_id=1940550

    • SVG (and the rest of layout) will probably get BugKill love in the future, yes, but that’s not part of the Graphics BugKill work.

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