Meetings are for discussion, emails are for status

Just a short observation. I don’t think you should ever hold a meeting just read out status updates. If there isn’t time to meaningfully discuss the topics at hand, there’s no point in holding a meeting. Just send an email, blog it, post it to a wiki. But please, please don’t invite me to your meeting! Thanks!


  1. That’s true, in retrospect my title was a bit ambiguous. More accurately put, “Meetings are for discussion, status is for email/wiki/blog”. Just doesn’t sound as pithy. I’m a believer in email however its not always the optimal solution. Latency can be killer, and the lack of body language can sometimes derail things.

  2. I agree with half of that. Discussion should also occur over email. Meetings are at best a waste of time, at worst counterproductive, even if things are discussed, because nobody remembers the decisions that were made afterward. Email automatically records them for you.

  3. Yes. Times a million billion.