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A Return to Founders as Mozilla Moves Forward

Mozilla today announced leadership changes. Here is a summary of the news: The Mozilla Board of Directors has announced that co-founder and current Chief Technology Officer Brendan Eich will be appointed to the role of CEO of Mozilla, effective immediately. […]

Mozilla and Unity Bring Unity Game Engine to WebGL

Mozilla and Unity are announcing new deployment tools bringing Unity-authored games to the Web without the need for plugins, made possible thanks to Mozilla-pioneered technologies including WebGL, a Web graphics library and asm.js, a supercharged subset of JavaScript. Unity’s WebGL […]

Firefox OS Unleashes the Future of Mobile

Momentum continues with an expanding ecosystem of partners, new market rollouts and portfolio options to customise and scale Barcelona, Spain – Mobile World Congress – February 23, 2014 – Mozilla, the mission-based organisation dedicated to keeping the power of the […]