Firefox FAQ

What is Mozilla?

Mozilla is a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better. We emphasize principle over profit, and believe that the Web is a shared public resource to be cared for, not a commodity to be sold. We work with a worldwide community to create open source products like Mozilla Firefox, and to innovate for the benefit of the individual and the betterment of the Web. The result is great products built by passionate people and better Web choices for everyone. For more information, visit

Where is Firefox available?

Firefox is currently available as a free download for Mac, Windows and Linux. Firefox is also available in the Android Market.

What features are in Firefox for users and developers?

For a full list of features for users and developers visit the features page.

Fastest Firefox Ever

  • With improved start-up and page load times, speedy Web app performance and hardware accelerated graphics, Firefox is built for the rich, interactive websites of the future.

Streamlined Interface

  • Tabs are on top of the Awesome Bar to make it easier to focus on the content of the websites you visit.
  • Firefox Button (Windows and Linux) is a simplified menu with fewer items to save you time and effort. You can still access the full menu bar by pressing “Alt.”
  • App Tabs give a permanent home to frequently visited sites like Web mail, Twitter, Pandora, Flickr.
  • Switch to Tab helps you easily find and switch to any open tab from the Awesome Bar without opening duplicate tabs.
  • Panorama lets you drag and drop tabs into manageable groups to save time while navigating many open tabs.
  • The Home button moved to the right side of the search box.
  • Awesome (URL) Bar features one easy button to load, stop or reload pages, this is located on the right side of the Awesome Bar.
  • Manage bookmarks in a single button to find your favorite links in one click.

Private and Secure Synchronization

  • Firefox Sync gives you access to Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across multiple computers and mobile devices, including Firefox for the desktop and Firefox on Android and Maemo.

Most Customizable

  • Add-ons Manager makes it easy to discover and install more than 200,000 add-ons to customize the features, functionality and look of Firefox.

Private and Secure

  • Firefox is leading the Web toward a universal standard Do Not Track feature that allows users to opt-out of tracking used for behavioral advertising.
  • Firefox puts privacy first, fixing flaws in some Web standards to prevent others from accessing your browser history.
  • With HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) websites can help stop “man in the middle” attacks and keep your sensitive data safe from interception during the log-in process by telling Firefox to automatically establish secure connections to their servers.
  • The Content Security Policy (CSP) in Firefox prevents cross-site scripting attacks. It does this by providing a mechanism for sites to explicitly tell the browser which content is legitimate. The browser can then disregard any content not blessed by the site.

Cutting Edge Tools for Web Developers

  • JägerMonkey is a powerful addition to Firefox. The JavaScript engine incorporates the new JägerMonkey JIT compiler, along with enhancements to the existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey’s interpreter. You’ll notice faster page-load speed and better performance of Web apps and games.
  • HTML5 support in Firefox includes hardware accelerated, high-definition video (WebM), 3D graphics, offline data storage, professional typography, touchscreen interfaces and the Mozilla Audio API to help create visual experiences for sound and more.
  • Firefox also improves existing tools like CSS, Canvas and SVG to enable developers to make exciting Web pages.
  • CSS Animations

What is Firefox Sync?

Firefox Sync is integrated into Firefox, giving you access to your Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs and passwords across computers and mobile devices. The new Firefox Sync user interface also makes it even easier to set up, helping go from work to home to mobile and back with ease.

Can I customize the user interface?

The Firefox user-interface (UI) remains completely customizable. You can switch the locations of tabs and whether or not a menu bar, bookmark bar or status bar is visible.

How else can I customize Firefox?

We have a growing gallery of hundreds of thousands of add-ons to customize the features, functionality and look of Firefox. The Add-ons Manager helps you discover, install, and update add-ons without having to restart Firefox and lets you easily view, manage and disable third-party plugins. Mozilla can disable add-ons and plug-ins that are known to introduce a privacy or security concern.

Are my Firefox Add-ons compatible with Firefox?

Firefox will automatically let you know which add-ons are compatible in the Add-ons Manager.

How does Firefox improve stability?

Firefox provides uninterrupted browsing when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins. If one of these commonly-used plugins crashes or freezes, it will not affect the rest of the page or Firefox. You can simply reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

How does Firefox improve performance?

With improved start-up and page load times, speedy Web app performance and hardware accelerated graphics, Firefox is built for the rich, interactive websites of the future.

How does Firefox protect my privacy and security?

Mozilla Firefox puts your privacy first. Firefox builds on the existing ways to protect your privacy in previous releases, including browser privacy controls and private browsing mode. Firefox offers a Do Not Track feature that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by websites.

Where can I see some cool demos?

You can visit our Mozilla Developer Networks Demo Studio website to see demos of the Web technologies enabled by Firefox in action. Developers can also use this site to contribute their own cool demos and experiments.

Developers can always check out the Mozilla Developer Network site for documentation and the Hacks site for developer news.

How do I know if I’m on the latest version of Firefox?

You can download Firefox at and enjoy new features and faster performance. If you are an older version of Firefox, you can go to the Firefox menu, Help, About Mozilla, Check for Updates. On a Mac you can select About Firefox and Apply Updates.

Is Firefox available in my language?

Firefox is available in more than 65 languages.

Where can I learn more about future versions of Firefox?

Why switch to a faster development cycle for Firefox?

A faster development cycle let us deliver new features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users quickly.

How does the faster development cycle work? What is the timing?

We now have four Firefox channels for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android: nightly, aurora, beta and release. Each stage of the development process lasts for six weeks.

  • Nightly – Test builds including unpolished features not tested by Mozilla QA
  • Aurora – Test the latest features and innovations with an increase in polish from the raw, cutting edge features in nightly builds
  • Firefox Beta – Broadly test the stability of new features and improvements in the next version of Firefox
  • Firefox Release – Delivers the polished and stable features in Firefox to hundreds of millions of users