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Getting closer to 1 Million Mozillians

As you know, community is a critical aspect of everything we do at Mozilla. We simply couldn’t be as successful as we are today without the invaluable contributions of every single Mozillian. Last year we created a long term strategic plan to achieve 1 Million Mozillians, a goal that requires internal organization and scalable programs.

Because of this, it’s really exciting for me to announce that Rosana will be transitioning to take the role of Reps Program Manager, under Brian King within the Community Engagement group (a.k.a. just across the corridor).

Since joining 2 years ago, Rosana has brought structure and scalability to our Community Management initiatives. In coordination with Madalina, she has represented us in almost every continent (except Australia?), engaging with local super-heroes (creating a beautiful set of images around the topic too) and promoting the SUMO brand (something that is paying off greatly as we experienced at the Summit). Her efforts around the Buddy Program and Contributor Tools are just 2 of the projects that have dramatically increased the success of SUMO and Mozilla in general. I’m grateful for her contributions and really thankful for what she has enabled us to achieve.

Rosana having a blast with the team

Her move doesn’t do anything but reinforce the great work the whole SUMO organization is doing to enable volunteer Mozillians to participate and create value. With such an ally leading Reps I’m confident that the future is even brighter for SUMO representing our leadership in community involvement.

We are working on the transition plan as we speak. Rosana has kindly agreed to work with us to make this process as smooth as possible. In the meantime, you can contact me or Madalina to help you with anything that you may need help with.

Please join me in congratulating Rosana and wishing her the best in the new role.

¡Firefox OS ya está aquí!

Today we are celebrating the launch of Firefox OS in Spain, and to thank our Spanish speaking contributors, we decided to post the update in Spanish. We will resume with the English content after it.


Hoy es un gran día para la web: estamos orgullosos y emocionados de anunciar el lanzamiento global de Firefox OS.

Mozillians de todo el mundo hemos unido fuerzas para lanzar Firefox OS: una nueva plataforma móvil que abarca los valores de Mozilla y permite seguir empujando nuestra misión por una web libre.

El nuevos sistema operativo de Mozilla se merece y necesita del soporte de la comunidad, en especial de Mozilla Hispano, que ha ayudado a popularizar Firefox en el mundo hispanoparlante. SUMO y Mozilla Hispano hemos estado trabajando duro para crear todos los elementos que ayudarán a los nuevos usuarios de Firefox OS:

- Una nueva interfaz móvil para SUMO que simplifica la gran experiencia de en tu móvil.
- Más de 50 nuevos artículos que recogen las instrucciones más comunes de Firefox OS.

La  comunidad de localizadores ha realizado un gran trabajo para asegurarse qué este contenido esta disponible en Español y demás lenguas en las que Firefox OS será lanzado.

Estamos convencidos que gracias a todos los que han contribuido a SUMO y Mozilla Hispano, estamos preparados para esta nueva generacion de usuarios móviles de Mozilla. Pero esto es sólo el principio, ¡ya que es ahora cuando empieza la diversión!

FirefoxOS.2En esta nueva aventura tendremos muchos nuevos usuarios que accederan a la web, por primera vez, a través de sus teléfonos móviles. De manera similar, una larga lista de usuarios de Firefox buscarán como obtener el máximo rendimiento de sus nuevos terminales. Tal y como hemos hecho hasta ahora con Firefox y Firefox para Android, es nuestra responsabilidad ayudarles. Tenemos grandes herramientas como los foros de Mozilla Hispano y la Armada Alucinante. Es el momento de agarrar tu capa de superheroe y ayudarnos a hacer de la web móvil un lugar mejor.

¡Únete a nosotros en esta aventura!

Surveying our toolbar users

For regular SUMO contributors it shouldn’t be new how popular the Windows Media Player article is. We have discussed this in the past in our contributor forum.

Some weeks ago we found out that the big majority of users reading this article come from a link in toolbars such as Babylon. We know from our forum threads that users don’t necessarily like these add-ons and because of that we decide to test what are they expecting when coming to that article.

This Wednesday, February 29th, we will launch a survey that will take over this specific article, in the English version. We expect to have really good amount of data that compensates the annoyance of demoting the article to the bottom of the page. After all, based on the “Helpfulness survey”, we consider that users don’t necessarily want to read that article.

The test will run for 24 hours and after that we will share the results with you.

We will love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments.

Goodbye to the Sync add-on

Today we are announcing the end of official support for the Firefox Sync add-on, focusing resources on improving and supporting the Sync experience for those users in the latest versions of Firefox. This means that the add-on will not be available at and the only way to get Firefox Sync features will be to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox where they are built into the browser.

A lot has happened since Mozilla launched Weave back in 2007: We launched Weave as an add-on, rebranded it as Firefox Sync, moved Firefox to Rapid Release and eventually integrated Firefox Sync into the browser. Our goal has always been to offer the best service so you can seamlessly share your Firefox experience across devices

Since the launch of Firefox 4, the browser comes bundled with all the goodness of Firefox Sync. Because of the continued support for Firefox 3.6, we have continued to support the add-on. This causes a great deal of engineering & testing headaches between the add-on and the integrated Sync. We also see a lot of users unhappiness since the add-on does not support some of the newer, highly desired, features we’ve added to Sync.

Keep in mind the add-on will still be usable for now, but we will not guarantee its reliability in the following months and foreseeable future. We ask everyone still using the Sync add-on to move to newer versions of Firefox to enjoy the best online and Sync experience.

– mconnor & ibai, on behalf of the Services and SUMO teams