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Welcome Madalina Ana, SUMO Community Manager!

I’m pleased to welcome Madalina Ana to the spectacular SUMO team! SUMO is betting a lot on organizing itself around community growth as the primary way to provide kick-ass support to our worldwide users of Firefox and its related services. Madalina joins this movement as our new community manager, and together with Rosana Ardila, who only had the luxury of being the newest SUMO hire for two short weeks, the two are forming a focused group of community experts that will help us grow and strengthen our community like we’ve never done before.

Madalina is from Romania, but is currently based in Dublin in the land where the hangover is always postponed until tomorrow. She previously worked at Google with user-to-user support communities and brings both people skills and hands-on community management experience to the SUMO team. She is also a football goalie in her spare time — we expect this skill to come in handy numerous times here at Mozilla.

Welcome, Madalina!

Welcome Rosana Ardila, Community Support Program Manager

I’m thrilled to welcome Rosana Ardila to Mozilla and the SUMO team! Rosana is our Community Program Manager and will work closely with our incredible support community around the world, as well as lead efforts to grow and strengthen our community x100. (No pressure!)

Rosana is based in Berlin (born in Colombia) and has a background with Sun Oracle, where she’s worked on product marketing and management of the community. She has a Sociology diploma and is truly passionate about people. Her other passion is languages — if you want to get in touch with her, there’s a good chance you can do it in your native language as she speaks Spanish, English, German, French and Italian fluently. She actually just started to speak Portuguese, too; just give it a few weeks…

Please join me in welcoming Rosana to SUMO! If you want to get in touch with her, you can visit her blog or send her a PM from her SUMO  profile.

Goodbye to the Sync add-on

Today we are announcing the end of official support for the Firefox Sync add-on, focusing resources on improving and supporting the Sync experience for those users in the latest versions of Firefox. This means that the add-on will not be available at and the only way to get Firefox Sync features will be to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox where they are built into the browser.

A lot has happened since Mozilla launched Weave back in 2007: We launched Weave as an add-on, rebranded it as Firefox Sync, moved Firefox to Rapid Release and eventually integrated Firefox Sync into the browser. Our goal has always been to offer the best service so you can seamlessly share your Firefox experience across devices

Since the launch of Firefox 4, the browser comes bundled with all the goodness of Firefox Sync. Because of the continued support for Firefox 3.6, we have continued to support the add-on. This causes a great deal of engineering & testing headaches between the add-on and the integrated Sync. We also see a lot of users unhappiness since the add-on does not support some of the newer, highly desired, features we’ve added to Sync.

Keep in mind the add-on will still be usable for now, but we will not guarantee its reliability in the following months and foreseeable future. We ask everyone still using the Sync add-on to move to newer versions of Firefox to enjoy the best online and Sync experience.

– mconnor & ibai, on behalf of the Services and SUMO teams

SUMO Day December 1st

Thursday is SUMO Day!

We had a great group of heroes answering questions on our last SUMO Day, so a big Thank You to all of the following contributors who made our last SUMO Day so awesome:

  • ChrisBell
  • kirchiri
  • memcda02
  • AliceWyman
  • silkphoenix
  • xr417
  • jack013
  • dmcritchie
  • Swarnava
  • nov2011
  • ioana.chiorean
  • Kierenblade
  • Kosh
  • Ketonom
  • ideato
  • knorretje
  • aspock
  • kbrosnan
  • SafeBrowser
  • Ibai
  • ajgodinho
  • John99
  • the-edmeister
  • cor-el
  • rbillings

So, this Thursday, as always, I will help moderate the support forum from 9am to 5pm PDT to encourage new forum helpers with answering support questions. I’ll be available on the #sumo IRC channel, michelleluna, or by private message to myself using the SUMO web site.

Just create an account and then take some time on Thursday to help with unanswered questions. Tips for getting started are on the etherpad. Our goal is to answer 200 additional questions throughout the day as this is the average number of questions each day that go unanswered. We need your help!

It is a very rewarding contribution that will instantly put you in touch with Firefox users! Even just 30 minutes of your time would help us immensely! And you’ll feel good afterward. Put it on your calendar and contribute your expertise.

Help us test private messaging and group dashboards today

Hey everyone,

This is a quick reminder about our test day for private messaging and group dashboards today, Friday, July 8th, from 3pm to 12pm UTC. We want to test the recently finished implementation of private messaging and the groups dashboards on SUMO, and will meet on IRC, in #testday (please note, it’s not #sumo).

Especially for private messaging it’s important to have many people on IRC at the same time. So if you can manage it, please join us between 3pm and 7pm UTC , but of course we will be around all day. Also, we have a test plan ready, so you can systematically check if things are working as they should.

If you are a localizer, you can also request the group dashboard feature. This will add another tab to your dashboard and those of your team members. That tab will hold your localization dashboard and a message on top that you as the locale leader can change to message your team. Also, your localization group will get a profile page listing the locale leader and every member of the team. You can see here what the German localization group profile looks like.

For the groups dashboard I wrote a short tutorial that you can see here.

Please report any issues that you encounter on this etherpad so we can fix them quickly.

All info about the testday:

Date: Friday, July 8th
Time: 3pm to 12pm UTC
Place: IRC #testday (please note, it’s not #sumo)

Thanks, and hope to see you later today!

SUMO is adding new features: group dashboards and private messaging

Hello everyone,

Starting today we will be beta testing the new groups and private messaging features of Kitsune. We want to start with a small number of people for now, so we are going to cap this at about ten. We will have a test day for everyone on July 8th. If you are interested in testing private messaging and giving feedback on it, please let me know in this thread on the support community forum and I’ll activate it for you.

If you are a localizer, you can also request the group dashboard feature. This will add another tab to your dashboard and those of your team members. That tab will hold your localization dashboard and a message on top that you as the locale leader can change to message your team. Also, your localization group will get a profile page listing the locale leader and every member of the team.

You can see here what the German localization group profile looks like.

For the groups dashboard I wrote a short tutorial that you can see here.

Private messaging should be fairly intuitive. Once the feature is activated, just click on “Inbox” on the upper right corner of the page. Make sure that you only message people who are listed in the forum thread for now.

Please report any issues that you encounter on this etherpad so we can fix them quickly.

And of course, please let me know if you have any questions.


Localization for Firefox 5 and beyond on SUMO

If you are a SUMO localizer now is a good time to prepare for the upcoming Firefox 5 release. Firefox 5 will be released on June 21, which is less than 2 weeks away and our articles are now ready to be localized. There are 7 updated articles for Firefox 5, and many of the updates are rather small, so you should have no problem updating your articles if you had them up to date for Firefox 4 already. As we have discussed before, in the future there will be 4 weeks of localization time beginning from the third week of the Beta period for every new Firefox release. But for Firefox 5 the time for localization is a bit shorter since the whole Firefox 5 development cycle is kept shorter than normal.

Michael Verdi has create a special page that let’s you easily keep track of all the articles that we have changed between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. If you are a localizer you should bookmark that page so you can see at a glance the upcoming changes for future versions of Firefox.

As always your Localization Dashboard is the most important metric to see what to localize or update next. If you keep the top 20 articles localized at all times you cover over 50% of all visits to the KB already. But with upcoming new Firefox versions we can sometimes predict that an article is going to be very popular after the release, even if it doesn’t show up on the Localization Dashboard yet. So we’ll make sure to inform everyone about those cases.

If you have any questions about the process, an update is unclear or you want to help localize support articles into your own language, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the community forums.

SUMO localizer meeting on Wednesday June 1

As you have probably heard, Firefox is on a release schedule to deliver new features sooner and have more predictable release dates. That means that SUMO also has to change to keep up with those frequent releases.

We recently introduced or are going to introduce several new features and processes in preparation for the new schedule. If you’re a localizer I’d like to talk with you about that in an IRC meeting on Wednesday, June 1, at 9am PDT. The topics will be:

Please try to take part in this meeting, so we can answer any open questions and incorporate your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions here or add topics to the agenda if I have missed anything. Hope to see you all soon!

Info about the meeting:
Date: Wednesday, June 1st
Time: 9am PDT
Place: IRC #sumomtg

The SUMO team is hiring!

Are you interested in making a big impact on the mobile Firefox experience for millions of users around the world?

We’re looking for an exceptional Mobile Support Coordinator to join the SUMO team and help us bring top quality support to our mobile Firefox users. As an integral part of Mozilla, the Mobile Support Coordinator will lead the mobile support efforts, including redefining what this experience looks like, analyzing metrics and user feedback to determine what support content is needed, and reporting metrics and support insights back to the product, engineering and QA teams. Other tasks include engaging directly with users in need of support and working together with our volunteer community across the world to ensure that we give users the help they need to enjoy their Firefox experience.

The Mobile Support Coordinator is also eager to look at the bigger picture: Are there areas that need more support coverage? Do users interact with the website the way we intended them to? Is it well integrated with mobile Firefox itself? This involves working closely with Mozilla’s analytics, product and engineering teams to continuously optimize the support experience.

The Mobile Support Coordinator is someone who loves to work across multiple teams to ensure we’re always making the right priorities, who thrives in fast-paced environments where things are in a constant state of flux, and who is genuinely helpful — not just to Firefox users, but also to fellow SUMO community members assisting with the support effort.

Since the SUMO team is geographically distributed across the United States (from east to west) and Europe, we believe the successful candidate could work from any of these time zones. Of course, working with an online team means that the Mobile Support Coordinator is flexible, hard working, and a true team player who communicates proactively both verbally and in writing.


  • Lead Mozilla’s mobile Firefox support efforts
  • Drive continuous optimizations of the mobile support content
  • Analyze and report weekly support metrics to the mobile product and engineering teams
  • Work with SUMO, metrics, and mobile teams to continuously optimize the support experience for mobile users
  • Respond to incoming Firefox support requests, including letters, email and voicemail, with an emphasis on questions about mobile Firefox


  • Experience with professional or volunteer technical customer support
  • Experience with mobile technologies, services and/or websites
  • Proven track record for driving multiple project simultaneously and successfully
  • Outstanding planning, research and analytical skills
  • Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work with a geographically distributed team
  • Excellent and proactive communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt in a fast-paced start-up environment

Skills Desired:

  • Experience with website optimization and/or web analytics
  • Strong desire to help others solve their problems and improve their web experience
  • Passionate about Firefox, Mozilla, mobile, and open technologies
  • Participating and contributing to open source projects a huge plus
  • Knowledge of a second language is a plus

In summary, this job is about making the mobile internet life better for millions of people around the world. Sounds like a dream job? We think so too.

Go ahead and apply!

Join the Firefox 4 for Mobile Localization Sprint today

Hey everyone,

This is a quick reminder about our Firefox for mobile KB localization sprint today , Wednesday, March 30th, from 3pm to 9pm UTC. Yesterday the latest version of Firefox for mobile was released and we have finished work on all mobile articles in the KB. They are ready for localization now.

For a first round of localizations we have selected these top 5 articles:

Of course there are more. If you are done already, and you can find more information and links to a Firefox mobile for your desktop on this page:

There is one issue with mobile: Screeenshots. Unfortunately you do need an Android phone to take localized screenshots of Firefox. So please, if you have an Android device, put your name on the wiki page and join us on IRC #sumo, to help others taking screenshots in their language. The more people with Android phones are around the better for everyone.

All info about the Firefox Mobile KB sprint:

Date: Wednesday, March 30th
Time: 3pm to 9pm UTC
Place: IRC #sumo

Thanks, and hope to see you later today!