What’s up with SUMO? 26 September


The summer is gone, and the days are getting slightly shorter (at least here)… Fortunately, we have a bunch of great updates coming your way to take care of the post-summer blues ;-)

New arrivals to SUMO – warm welcomes going out to:

Saturday AoA IRC meetup!

Bangladesh community chat

Spam reporting mechanism updates

  • Forum spammers beware! There’s a few new toys in the Moderator arsenal, thanks to our SUMO Devs working relentlessly on improving the moderation system. Everyone can expect much less spam in the upcoming months, as our automated systems learn how to handle unwanted messages better. More details here.

SUMO day summary

  • Our first (revived) SUMO Day took place yesterday, and the results are in… The highlights? 97% of the questions responded to in 24 hrs and reaching 100% in 72 hours! Huge thanks to everyone involved!

Localizers gonna localize

  • As of this week, we reached a record number of 199 confirmed and active localizers in SUMO. Way to go, SUMO l10ns!
  • Also, the forever amazing Bangladesh L10ns have completed the localization of all 42 Webmaker articles. Go, Bangladesh!

Forum redesign starting soon!

  • It is upon us – when you start noticing changes in the Support Forums in the coming days – let us know what you think!

This week’s Monday meeting YT recording

  • We’ve had a minor outage and that’s why the video is avaialbile only today. You can find it here. If you want to be regularly updated about our meeting recordings going live, please subscribe to the YT channel.

That’s it for this update, more news coming your way soon! Stay tuned and have a great weekend ;-).

Thursday, September 25th 2014, is SUMO Day!


SUMO Days are back! In our efforts to provide the best support possible in 2013, we used to gather together on the support forum every other Thursday and try to answer every incoming question on that day. Unfortunately due to many changes in the SUMO org and lack of resources we had to temporarily suspend this. It is now time to bring the SUMO Days back into play!

We’ll be answering questions in the support forum and helping each other in #sumo on IRC all day today, across time zones.

Join us, create an account and then take some time today to help with unanswered questions. Please check the etherpad for additional tips. We have been experiencing quite a high number of questions in the last few days. Our goal this Thursday is to respond to each and ever one of them, so please try to answer as many questions as you can throughout the day.

The HelpDesk folks are also joining us, so Rachel (guigs) will be monitoring and ready to answer your questions on #sumo during PST time.

Let’s do it and …Happy SUMO Day!!

What’s up with SUMO – September 12th


Hey everyone!

I couldn’t write anything informative here last week, as I was far away from any web-connected keyboards… But I hope you had a good time and all is well. Now, without further ado, let’s delve into some updates.

New SUMO members

The never-ending introductions thread is getting as long as a snake in that classical retro game for mobiles after at least 40 pieces of fruit… Say “hi” to those who joined us recently:

The goings-on

L10n sprint in Bangladesh for the upcoming Firefox OS launch


SUMO Day relaunch

First FAQ pages coming soon

  • After the brief absence, I am back to work on the FAQ pages for low traffic languages, together with our SUMO devs
  • We hope to have Estonian, Flemish, Gujarati, and Croatian as our pilot languages, with more to come later
  • Thanks to Merike, Wim, Neetirajsinh, and InFlames1412 (\m/) for their help with setting the pages up!

Speaking of our SUMO Devs… A cool new feature is here!

  • Are you following too many threads on the forums and would like to see (and edit) the thread subscriptions in one place? We’ve got you covered!


  • The list includes all SUMO documents, forums, and threads the changes in which you are following – to unfollow any of them, untick the box. Make sure you click the “update” button at the bottom of the list to save your changes.

Do you love Firefox? Are you good with Swedish?

Finally, I feel like sharing a bit of amazing (and legally free) music with you. Take a look here and share your favourite sounds with us in the comments!

What’s up with SUMO – August 29th



Hey, everyone! Michał here. I’m not as good with cameras and videos as Michael Verdi (yet!), so for now you’ll have to read me. I’m pretty sure you don’t mind. Just read it in Morgan Freeman’s voice and imagine penguins running around, that should make it more fun ;-).

New SUMO members

We’re growing! Not quite at a million yet, but getting closer every day. Take a while to visit the introductions thread and say hello to:

The goings-on

Firefox OS launch in India

  • As you all know, Firefox OS officially launched this Monday in India. Our Indian friends have shown immense support from the very start, first by translating KB articles into the three Indian languages we display in SUMO, and then by helping out directly in the support forums. Huge thanks to you all! We could not have gotten this far without you.
  • If you’re wondering how to become a contributor with Mozilla India, take a look at the group’s Facebook page or visit the forums and say hi!
  • We’re still pushing to get to 100% with all help content for Hindi, Bengali (for India), and Tamil – if you’re interested in helping out, click the language link in this sentence and send the Locale Leaders a private message to get started.

The Buddy Program is back!

Firefox OS launch in Bangladesh

  • With India already using FF OS phones, it’s time for Bangladesh! We hope to get more users of Bengali in Bangladesh to join our localization drive for the Firefox OS help articles. Interested? Just click the link in this paragraph and contact the Locale Leaders through a Private Message for more information. You can also connect with Mozilla Bangladesh through their Facebook group.

SUMO at MozFest 2014!

  • centurion has put together a session proposal combining his interest for Webmaker and localization. We’ll keep you updated about SUMO’s presence during MozFest 2014. Big thanks to centurion for coming up with a great idea!

Last but not least, John99 found a couple of new friends for all of us ;-) Thanks, John99!

Would you like to read about something in particular here? Let us know in the forums.

Welcome Michał Dziewoński, L10N community manager!


MichalI’m thrilled to welcome Michał Dziewoński (vesper) to Mozilla and the SUMO team! Michał is taking over Rosana’s role as our new L10N Community Manager (no pressure!) and will work closely with our incredible community to grow and strengthen our localization efforts across the globe.

Michał is originally from Poland but has decided to look for warmer pastures and is currently based in Manresa, Spain. He has previously worked at Google as a support and community specialist and has a background in localization, translation and interpreting as well as in… radio DJ-ing.

He’s also an avid board and video gamer, so reach out if you’d like to add him to your Steam/Battle.net friends list.

If you want to get in touch with Michał, you can do so by checking out his SUMO profile, Twitter account or pinging him on IRC (vesper).

Welcome, Michał!

Help us translate FxOS support articles to Hindi, Tamil and Bengali!


1.4 million people are getting help every day on on our support Knowledge Base alone.

We’ve expanded our reach, thanks to all of your contributions. You’ve helped Firefox OS users, regardless of whether they live in Spain, Colombia, Poland or the U.K., maximize their experience by providing help articles in their language.


We’re just getting started! We would love to reach out to Firefox OS users in India and Bangladesh next by offering content in Hindi, Tamil and Bengali (India or Bangladesh). But we need your help to make this happen! So, if you speak both English and one of the languages mentioned, we’d love to hear from you! Because we know your time is precious, if you translate 5 articles or more and we approve it, we’ll send you a nice “Thank you” gift. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to test the phone for yourself!

 To get involved you have to follow a couple of simple steps:

  1. Sign into your account or create one if you’re a first time user in the upper right corner
  2. Go to the localization dashboard for your language: HINDI, BENGALI (India), BENGALI (Bangladesh) or TAMIL.
  3. Look for those articles that need translation as indicated with a red triangle red triangle in the status column. Please make sure that they’re Firefox OS articles.
  4. Click on article name and then on Translate article option, on the left side of the screen
  5. Start localizing! Please localize the entire article. When you’re finished, hit “Submit”. Your translations will automatically be sent for review.
  6. Once you’ve finished all 5 articles and sent them for review, copy and paste each of the 5 links them into this Form and along with all the information requested so that we can easily get in contact with you.
  7. One of our experienced localizers will have a look at your work. If they approve all 5 articles, we will go ahead and send you your “Thank you” gift!

Are you ready?

Australis launch week starts Tuesday, April 29th!



Firefox 29 (Australis) will be launching on Tuesday so it is the perfect time to organize an Australis launch week! We’ll be answering questions in the support forum and helping each other in #sumo on IRC  from Tuesday, April 29th to Friday, May 2nd.

Join us, create an account and then take some time this week to help with unanswered questions. Please check the launch etherpad for additional tips. We’re expecting a high number of questions this week and our goal is to respond to each one of them, so please try to answer as many questions as you can throughout the following days.

Let’s do it!

“Top 100″: the SUMO localization challenge!

Over the years our localizers have been supporting SUMO in all of it’s efforts to provide information and help for every user and every problem. Since SUMO has been growing constantly it seem very daunting (although not impossible) to maintain all articles up to date.


Recently we have added some new products and some other might get added soon. So we want to make sure that you can focus on what’s most important and provided the needed help for the users in your locale. For this we want locales to focus on translating and maintaining the Top 100 articles up to date.


By focusing on the Top 100 articles you are helping close to 95% of the users seeking help and your efforts go to articles that actually get a lot of views. I have talked to some localizers and they think that focusing on “only” 100 articles seems much more doable and it’s something that localizers can commit to. Also, if you have a support forum for those 5% users with an edge case that is the best place to get help.
How will this work?
To make it easier we will do some changes:
  • New progress bar for the Top 100 articles (bug filed, waiting to be implemented)
  • New “Top 100″ historical graph with all the other metrics (bug filed, waiting to be implemented)
  • Reviewer digest: we realized that in many cases the reviewers weren’t getting back to the articles, so we will be sending them a weekly digest with the articles that are waiting to be reviewed (bug filed, waiting to be implemented)
  • With the current L10n dashboard the articles with the highst visits go on the top, so just working your way from the top of the list is the way to go
We really hope that this change will help you focus on the articles that matter the most for users, so that you know for sure that your time is well spent. We would of course love and welcome if you would translate more than the Top 100, but we want to set a goal that makes sense and gets you motivated. Because 100 articles is actually reachable!


We will still want to have articles localized for special occasions: like the launch of Firefox OS. So apart form the Top 100 articles we might ask you to help us with other articles. But that’s because it will be very exciting : )


I hope you are as excited as we are about these new changes. Now we just need to rally around one simple goal. So, do you take the challenge?


Let us know if you want to be part of this challenge or if you have any thoughts around this on the l10n forum!


(Thanks Jan B for the art work : )

Localization of SUMO: focusing on our active locales



Providing localized support has always been one of the core purposes of SUMO and we’re very proud to be able to reach 85% of our users in their native or preferred language! We are constantly trying to improve the experience for our localizers and users and by assessing data from last year we came to the conclusion that we could do a couple of changes to provide a much better experience for our SUMO users.




We think that focusing the efforts of the community in the languages that are being translated and have an active community is the best way to help users. This means that we want to encourage inactive communities to take a different approach for helping users.




Although we would love to provide support even in Klingon, the reality is that if we don’t have an active community who can help translate all content into Klingon, users end up in a page they don’t understand and most importantly: a page that doesn’t help. So we’re actually not providing a good experience. We want everyone that comes to SUMO actually finding help. And a page that is only partially translated or has outdated content is more frustrating than saying upfront that we don’t translate to their language.


Also asking community members to translate long and difficult articles that might not be read by anyone is a waste of their time and efforts, so we rather have you doing fun and rewarding activities.




The way we want to approach this is to suspend the SUMO locales that have little traffic AND aren’t active. This means that almost no users will be impacted, since the locales have already little traffic and are anyway almost empty. We hope that this will help our contributors to focus better on more impactful activities at Mozilla and SUMO.


Wait, what happens to the locales that go away? Project F+F!


We want to support every locale that has an active community willing to help users. So don’t worry, we’re not closing down SUMO for anyone. We just want to work with you on a tailored solution for the needs and capacities of the locale.


The idea is to offer an FAQ and/or a Forum, depending on what works best for your locale. And we will work with you to find that out. This means that if you want to support your locale and are alone or have little time, there are only a handful of articles to translate. You can also decide to open up a forum and help users as they need. So for example if you’re alone in your locale you could just maintain an FAQ. If you have a small team of helpers you can maintain the FAQ and open a forum too.


The specifics of this will be worked out later this year, but we will certainly not let any users or any community down.




Some of the locales that we will remove will be redirected to another language (e.g.Catalan to Spanish) and for others like Hebrew the English version should be fine. Indian languages have little visits, but if they become much more popular we can definitely rethink the strategy. Which goes to any of the other locales in case anyone makes a good case and is motivated to help. So if you want to have the full version of SUMO and you have a committed team, we are waiting for you with our arms open!


Based on the data from last year here’s the list of locales that we would like to remove from SUMO because they have little traffic and had almost no activity from the community last year:


lt Lithuanian
ca Catalan
nb-NO Norwegian (Bokmal)
he Hebrew
et Estonian
mn Mongolian
mk Macedonian
is Icelandic
eu Euskera
ach Acholi
sr-Latn Serbian – Latin
sq Albanian
ms Malay
ak Akan
sw Swahili
my Burmese
az Azerbaijani
be Belarusian
as Assamese
mr Marathi
kn Kannada
af Afrikaans
eo Esperanto
fy-NL Frisian
rm Rhaeto – Romance
te Telugu
si Sinhalese
pa-IN Punjabi
hy-AM Armenian
ga-IE Gaelic – Ireland
gd Gaelic
kk Kazakh
ff Fula
gu-IN Gujarati
zu Zulu
sah Sakha
gl Galician
rw Rwandan
ilo Ilokano
ast Bable – Asturiano
mai Maithili
lg Luganda
son Songhay
nso Northern Sotho
fur Friulian


What else could be replaced by a F+F solution?


These locales have either little visits or aren’t very active (For example Tamil and Nepali have lovely localizers but not too many visits and Portugese could be put together with Brazilian Portuguese). So we should have a conversation with the communities and figure out which solution makes more sense:


vi Vietnamese
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
bg Bulgarian
hr Croatian
uk Ukranian
fa Farsi
bs Bosnian
bn-IN Bengali
ta Tamil
ta-LK Transitional Tamil
ml Malayalam
km Khmer
ne-NP Nepali


We would like to transition the locales in the first list by the end of March. For the locales in the second list we’ll start a conversation to figure out how to proceed. So please let us know until March 15th if there’s anything in this plan that doesn’t seem like a good idea. And please let us know how to improve it too! We’ll be reaching out to the active contributors in the locales that we want to transition to find a good solution.


We would love to keep the conversation open and transparent for everyone so let’s talk about this on the SUMO L10n forum: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/forums/l10n-forum


Let us know how this sounds and give us all your ideas!