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Mozilla funds SA translation team

As reported by Tectonic, “South Africa’s award-winning multilingual software developer,, has been awarded a grant by the Mozilla Corporation to extend its translation tools. Mozilla awarded the grant to to further its work on Pootle, a web-based translation tool, as well as the Translate Toolkit. The grant also covers a still to be released offline translation tool.” For more details, read the full article at Tectonic, and Seth Bindernagel’s original blog post.

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Canvas text goes bidirectional

Eric Butler writes, “The patch for the last of the major outstanding bugs with the WHATWG Canvas text API landed in time for a nearly spec compliant implementation to make it into Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1. I am pleased to say that Canvas now supports right-to-left text and bidirectional text resolution on its text drawing functions.” Canvas has undergone and will be undergoing other changes, as well. More information is available at Eric’s weblog.

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