John Slater and Tara Shahain have been working on developing a new and improved style guide for the Firefox logo, with the aim of refining existing guidelines and communicating those out to the widest possible audience (previous coverage: Defining Firefox logo style, and Firefox logo style guide progress update).

Last Friday, John announced that the new style guide has been released. “Our hope is that this guide will answer many of the commonly asked questions about how (and how not) to use the logo. We’ve also included a section where people can donload the various configurations so there won’t be any confusion about what the official versions are. [W]e’re calling this style guide a beta launch for now because we want to make sure the community at large has a chance to review and weigh in before we officially declare it final. So, if you have any questions, thoughts or comments please let me or Tara know, or post your feedback on the Spread Firefox discussion page.” For full details, see the complete post on John’s weblog.