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Discussing Mozilla’s proposed 2010 goals

Last month, Mitchell Baker posted a list of proposed goals she believes Mozilla should work towards achieving by 2010. Now Mitchell is looking to expand and continue the discussion around these proposed goals, and she has written a blog post outlining the next steps we’ll be taking towards ensuring that the whole Mozilla community has an opportunity to participate in the discussion and provide thoughts and feedback. “Mozilla has many groups of people who work together on particular aspects of Mozilla products, technology, adoption and mission. These groups are a natural setting for discussing the overall goals of the Mozilla project, and what motivates people to contribute. With that in mind, we’re planning a set of discussions to give more people a chance to participate comfortably. Some of these will be face-to-face meetings; others will be online discussions.” For more information about these smaller group discussions and other forums that are available for ongoing feedback, see Mitchell’s blog post.

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First Mobile Firefox Alpha released

Mobile Firefox (code-named Fennec) has reached its Milestone 9 release, which is also its first alpha. The team is calling this the “User Experience alpha”, and is targeted at the Nokia N800/N810 internet tablet. While great progress has been made on Windows Mobile, it is not ready for general use and is thus not included in this release. There are, however, new desktop versions of Fennec available, meaning you can now install the mobile browser on your Windows, OS X, or Linux desktop to see what all the fuss is about (and to help with testing and feedback, of course).

The Fennec Alpha 1 release notes include information about how to get started, how to install the browser, what’s new in this release, a list of known issues, and how to provide feedback. If you’ve ever been interested in getting involved with the Firefox Mobile project, now is a great time to install Fennec, watch the walkthrough video, and get started.

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