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Announcing Raindrop
Mozilla Messaging and Mozilla Labs announced the new Raindrop project last week. Raindrop is an experiment in messaging on the open Web, hosted by Mozilla Labs. Raindrop’s mission: to make it enjoyable to participate in conversations from people you care about, whether the conversations are in email, on Twitter, a friend’s blog or as part of a social networking site. “You should definitely go over to the introductory post, and check out the first few pages we’ve put up describing the goal of the project, how we’ve built it so far, and how we’re hoping to engage designers as well as developers to participate in the ongoing effort.”

Personas now part of AMO
“About a year ago, Mozilla Labs launched Personas, a way to easily create and install lightweight themes for Firefox and Thunderbird. Over 9 million downloads and 30,000 Personas later, we’ve included them on AMO as a new way to personalize your browser.” Personas support will be part of the final Firefox 3.6 release, but in the meantime you can make use of these lightweight themes by installing the Personas extension. For further information, see Nick Nguyen’s blog post.

Web Open Font Format for Firefox 3.6
John Daggett has written a high-level overview of the new Web Open Font Format (WOFF) that will be part of Firefox 3.6. WOFF has two primary advantages over (the already supported) TrueType and OpenType fonts: WOFF is compressed so font download sizes are smaller, and the fonts can include information about where the font came from. “The WOFF format originated from a collaboration between the font designers Erik van Blokland and Tal Lemin with help from Mozilla’s Johnathan Kew. Each had proposed their own format and WOFF represents a melding of these different proposals.”

Fennec and add-ons
“One of the most interesting parts of adapting the design of Firefox for a mobile device has been in trying to pare down and simplify the Add-ons Manager,” writes Madhava Enros, Fennec’s user experience design lead. “Having stripped it down to essentials, though, we found that we wanted to add some new abilities as well. As we tried to find places in Fennec’s UI for some existing Firefox capabilities, the Add-ons Manager started presenting itself as a sensible home.” Madhava’s article goes on to discuss the various additions and changes made to Fennec’s Add-ons Manager, and includes copious screenshots and explanations.

New Firefox switch page
The Spread Firefox team recently unveiled a brand new “Firefox Switch” page. “If you’re passionate about Firefox and want to tell others about it, this is the page for you. It has lots of information and tools for a switch campaign of your own.”

Help update SUMO for Firefox 3.6
With the release of Firefox 3.6 coming up fast, the Firefox Support (SUMO) team is planning updates to the Firefox Support knowledge base. “The plan itself is not set yet. First, we would like to gather a list of changes from 3.5 to 3.6 that affect user support.” Once the team has an idea of what has changed, they will be assessing what changes need to be made to the knowledge base and will then draft an update plan. Chris Ilias has started a page on the Mozilla wiki to list the changes in Firefox 3.6, and is looking for help compiling that information.

FSOSS 2009 starts Friday
The annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium, held at Seneca College in Toronto, starts this Friday, Oct 30th, and for which the final set of presentations has been posted. There’s also the Teaching Open Source Summit on Thursday, and the Mayor of Toronto has proclaimed the full week as Toronto Open Source Week. David Humphrey’s weblog has more information about these events.

Firefox in 10 African languages
Dwayne Bailey has posted about a new project to localize Firefox into 10 African languages. ANLoc (the African Network for Localisation) is working through a process to try to create the skills and support needed to get more Africans localising Firefox, with target languages including Akan, Northern Sotho, Shona, Krio, Wolof, Songhai, Swahili, Lingala, Luganda, and Zulu. For more information, and to get involved with the project, see Dwayne’s blog post.

Five years of Firefox celebrations
“With Firefox’s 5 year anniversary just around the corner (Monday November 9th) preparations for the birthday celebration are in order.” William Quiviger has put together a list of ideas for how you can help mark the occasion. “If you’re planning on organizing a party in your town or just want to share some ideas, make sure to drop a line on Mozilla’s marketing mailing list, or join the conversation on IRC in #marketing.”

SeaMonkey 2.0 released
The SeaMonkey project today released SeaMonkey 2.0, now available for free download. SeaMonkey combines an internet browser, email & newsgroup client, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools into a single all-in-one internet suite. For further information, you can read the SeaMonkey 2.0 release notes and the SeaMonkey project site.

Mozdev project changes
The Mozdev project has announced some organizational changes that are under consideration. “The Mozdev board is seriously considering dismantling the non-profit Mozdev Community Organization that runs the site. The overhead of running a legal organization is no longer justified and is distracting attention away from the site itself. We want the site to continue to serve the needs of the community and think that handing things to a new group of people who are passionate about Mozdev is the best way to make this happen. We need you! First, this does not mean that Mozdev is shutting down. We are looking into creating a community council to replace the board of directors and welcome you to join that group and help shape Mozdev’s future.”

Upcoming events
The Mozilla community is organizing an increasing number of events and meetups all the time, and we include a list of these here every week. If you have events you would like listed, send them along to: about-mozilla*at*

* Today! – Mountain View – Bay Area Add-ons Meetup
* Oct 29-30 – Toronto – Free Software and Open Source Symposium
* Oct 30 – Online – Testscripting with MozMill
* Nov 7-8 – Sofia, Bulgaria – DevGarage

Developer calendar
For an up-to-date list of the coming week’s Mozilla project meetings and events, please see the Mozilla Community Calendar wiki page. Notes from previous meetings are linked to through the Calendar as well.

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