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Firefox 4 & HTML5 forms
Firefox 4 will ship with better support for HTML5 forms, and the most recent beta includes a set of new features including more inputs, new attributes, decoupled forms, and different validation mechanisms. Anthony Ricaud goes over these in a new post on the Mozilla Hacks weblog, in which he also credits Mounir Lamouri with much of the work that has been done.

OpenType font feature support
“The OpenType format has long provided font designers ways of including a rich set of variations in their fonts, from ligatures and swashes to small caps and tabular figures. The OpenType specification describes these features, identifying each with a unique feature tag but they have typically only been available to those using professional publishing applications such as Adobe InDesign. Included among the many new features in Firefox 4 is the next step, support for controlling OpenType font features directly via CSS. The -moz-font-feature-settings CSS property permits control over kerning, ligatures, alternates, real small caps and stylistic sets to name just a few.” John Daggett’s post includes more detail about this new feature, and some really fun examples of how it works.

Mozilla F1: sharing on the Web
Mozilla Messaging and Mozilla Labs have announced a new experimental service called “Mozilla F1”. “F1 is a browser extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. Share links from within the browser, from any webpage, using the same services you already know and love.” F1 currently supports sharing through Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. You can read more about F1 in the original release announcement, the F1 homepage, or James Burke’s post about the F1 source (including where to get it!)

Nightly tester tools for mobile Firefox
Aakash Desai has created and released a Nightly Tester Tools add-on for Firefox mobile. “I re-used a bunch of the NTT code (as well as mbrubeck’s Quit Fennec add-on) and mixed it with the UI of the current Beta Tester Tools Add-on. The source code is available in a GitHub repo too.” First version features include: quit Fennec, copy build ID to clipboard, copy a list of installed extensions on your profile to clipboard, force add-ons compatibility, and enable the error console. “There’s more coming, but feel free to comment in this blogpost with new ideas or features you’d like.”

Hardware acceleration in Firefox 4
Joe Drew has written a couple of blog posts about the new enhanced support for hardware acceleration on Windows and Mac OS X that is available in the latest Firefox 4 betas. You can help test the new Direct2D improvements (Windows Vista and Windows 7) and hardware accelerated compositing (both Windows and Mac) by using Firefox 4 beta as your everyday browser and telling us about your experience using the Firefox Feedback button or by filing a bug. Read more about how you can help (and how you can tell if you’re using hardware acceleration) on Joe’s blog.

Game On contest deadline: 2 months!
“We’re just 61 days away from the Game On submission deadline and we hope you’re having fun building your games on open Web technologies. For those who are still thinking about what to make or are in the process of building, we’ve pulled together some helpful resources: Creating an HTML5 Game; Massive Fun Building; Sound, Demo Code, and Web GL; Docs, Frameworks & Libraries. We will continue to share helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials on this blog and on our Game On Resources Page throughout the competition.”

Design Jam London
Design Jams are one-day design sessions during which people team up to solve User Experience challenges. Similar to developer “hackdays,” they aim to get designers together to learn and collaborate with one another while working on solving real-world problems. On Nov 20th, the First Design Jam London will be held at City University London within its Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design. This event is a cooperative effort between City University London and Mozilla Labs and anyone is welcome to take part. Read more about this event on the Mozilla Labs weblog.

Personas Test Day: this Friday!
This Friday, Mozilla’s QA team is hosting a test day for Personas in Firefox 4. “Time to explore all of your favorite Personas, and make sure they mesh well with the latest Firefox beta (or nightly)! Firefox 4 has had some UI changes such as Tabs on Top, the new Add-ons Manager, etc. We will have moderators and community members available to help test and answer questions.”

We could really use your help making sure that Personas are working well in Firefox 4, even if you can only spare a few minutes. You can take part by joining the #testday channel on on Friday between 9am to 5pm Pacific time. There’s also an etherpad document we’ll be using throughout testing, and you’re welcome to add your ideas about we could or should be testing for on Friday. Please try to find a few minutes to stop by and give us a hand!

Open Data Visualization contest
“Mozilla Labs is back with an all new Design Challenge! We’re calling on all data visualization wizards to participate and help the Test Pilot & Mozilla Metrics teams create visual answers to the question: ‘How do people use Firefox?'” Desigan Chinniah’s recent post to the Labs weblog includes all the information and links you need to get started, including to where the data will be released tomorrow (Nov 17th).

Thunderbird testers needed
The Thunderbird team is hard at work getting the first alpha version of Thunderbird 3.3 ready to go, and they could use your help. “In the course of the next two weeks we should build Thunderbird 3.3a1. I’m looking for volunteers to participate in our distributed testing effort. The distributed testing effort is built in order for you to have a focus area of testing — so it doesn’t take you too long to complete. By summing each and everyone’s pieces of work we end up with a complete coverage of our tests and a good idea of the quality of the build.” Ludovic Hirlimann’s blog post contains all the information you need to get involved.

Software releases
* Bugzilla API 0.8
* RequireJS 0.15.0

Upcoming events
* Nov 19, Online, Personas Test Day
* Nov 20, London, Design Jam
* Dec 4, Online, International Open Data Hackathon
* Dec 5, Open Data competition deadline
* Dec 15, Sunnyvale, Bugzilla Users & Administrators Group meeting
* Jan 11, Game On! competition deadline
* April 9-10, Bulgaria Web Summit 2011

Developer calendar
For an up-to-date list of the coming week’s Mozilla project meetings and events, please see the Mozilla Community Calendar wiki page. Notes from previous meetings are linked to through the Calendar as well.

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