about:mozilla is a weekly round-up of news and contribution opportunities. Here’s what’s happening this week:

New Firefox Features
3D HTML5 video is now available in Firefox 4 (yes, 3D video!). This is currently available only with 3D Vision Hardware but should become more available over time. To try out more new Firefox features, you can download the latest version of Aurora that includes a new data management window, web developer tools and more.

Android Compatibility Survey
Mobile QA wants to know more about your Android device and its compatibility status with mobile Firefox. If you own or have access to one of devices listed in the survey, please fill out the simple survey to help improve the mobile Firefox experience. This is just one of many ways to get involved with Mobile QA.

Do Not Track Developments
Mozilla continues to see progress with Do Not Track. Highlights include enabling this feature in mobile Firefox, co-sponsoring the W3C Workshop on Web Tracking and User Privacy, and support from three additional online marketing companies.

Come to a Design Jam
If you’re interested in meeting and brainstorming with other people interested in online design, there are several Design Jams coming up in England, Romania, Spain and Norway. Look at the Event Calendar below for more details about these meetings and check out the Concept Series pages for other interesting contribution opportunities.

Meet some Mozillians

This photo from the recent Firefox 4 party in Argentina shows a lovely cake and members of the vibrant Argentine community. Check out Bonjour Mozilla for a daily dose of more community photos.

Upcoming events
* June 1, Manchester, England, Manchester Jams & Hacks
* June 3, online, New “about:” Pages Testday
* June 3 – 4, Iasi, Romania, Design Jam Iasi
* June 4, Barcelona, Spain, Design Jam Barcelona
* June 6 – 8, online and Cincinnati, Ohio, Mozilla Developer Network doc sprint
* July 15 – 17, Oslo, Norway, Solskogen DemoParty
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

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