about:mozilla is a weekly round-up of news and contribution opportunities. Here’s what’s happening this week:

New Aurora and Beta Builds
The latest builds of both Firefox Aurora and Firefox Beta are available for download and testing. You’ll see changes in speed and memory use, developer tools, standards support and more. Try these out and help us prepare for the next Firefox release coming up in a few weeks in mid-August.

Mozilla Arabic Meetup

Mitchell Baker and members of the Mozilla Arabic community met up in Jordan recently. This is one of many local events happening around the world. See our new regional maps to meet local community members near you.

What Do You Want The Web To Be?
At a recent conference in Portland, we asked people what they wanted the web to be. Everyone had tons of great ideas and it really shows that it will be individuals (not corporations, governments or shareholders) that shape the future of the web. Take a look at a video with some of the ideas and share your own.

Instantbird Messaging App Released
Instantbird 1.0, an easy-to-use messaging client built using Mozilla technologies, has just been released. It provides access to a wide variety of instant messaging networks, including AIM, Google Talk and more. Learn more about Instantbird as well as the dozens of other applications that are powered by Mozilla.

Telemetry Performance Tests
Telemetry in Firefox is a new technology that allows us to build performance tests right into Firefox itself. Grab a build of Aurora and opt in to submit anonymous performance data and help us make Firefox even faster.

Upcoming events
* July 15, online, Firefox Desktop and Mobile Test Day
* July 15 – 17, Oslo, Norway, Solskogen DemoParty
* July 22 – 23, Mountain View, California, World Series of Hack
* August 16, London, England, Selenium users meetup
* November 4 – 6, London, England, Mozilla Festival — Media, Freedom and the Web
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved!

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