about:mozilla is a weekly round-up of news and contribution opportunities. Here’s what’s happening this week:

Firebug Alive And Well
Kevin Dangoor from the Mozilla Developer Tools group writes that Jan (Honza) Odvarko is the new leader of Firebug after John J. Barton stepped down from the role. The next Firebug release is coming soon and future releases are being planned, so now is a great time to get involved with Firebug.


Tilt is a fun new Firefox extension focused on creating a 3D visualization of a webpage. Check out the Tilt blog to find out how to install it and get involved.

Zombie Compartments
Sometimes Firefox holds on to memory when it shouldn’t and you end up with a Zombie Compartment. Help us hunt down these zombies and improve Firefox’s memory use. Nicholas Nethercote shows you how to find and report these memory bugs.

Rob Hawkes has information about Ask MDN, a new project to get a panel of experts together on Twitter for an hour to answer your questions about Web development. The first topic will be HTML5 gaming and creative JavaScript. Follow @AskMDN on Twitter to take part.

Thunderbird Beta
A beta version of the next version of Thunderbird is now available for testing. The new version includes improvements to Microsoft Outlook importing, user interface enhancements and other bug fixes.

Enterprise User Working Group
Stormy Peters has announced the relaunch of the Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group as a place for enterprise developers, IT staff and Firefox developers to discuss the challenges, ideas and best practices for deploying Firefox in the enterprise.

Upcoming events
* August 12 – 13, online or at local meetups organized by you, Mozilla Developer Network Doc Sprint
* August 16, London, England, Selenium users meetup
* November 4 – 6, London, England, Mozilla Festival — Media, Freedom and the Web
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved!

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