about:mozilla is a weekly round-up of news and contribution opportunities. Here’s what’s happening this week:

Firefox Update Available
A new version of Firefox is available for both desktop and mobile devices. There are new and enhanced tools to make developing for the web faster and easier and there’s a new streamlined interface for Android that includes optimizations for tablets.

Shrinking Memory Use

The next version of Firefox will have significantly improved memory management, sometimes using as much as 50% less memory than the current version. This means that Firefox 7 is going to be faster and less likely to crash. Try out an Aurora or Beta build and see for yourself.

Webify Me
Webify Me builds a fun, visual manifestation of your personal web. Simply go to the site and answer a series of fun questions, and then receive a personalized visualization of your web.

BrowserID Privacy and Phonebook Brownbags
There are two different brownbags coming up this week on Air Mozilla—BrowserID Privacy Architecture on Wednesday, August 17, and Mozillians Community Phonebook, Thursday, August 18, both at 12 noon pacific. Tune in and join the discussion.

Moving Towards One Mozilla
John Slater writes about big changes that are happening as we unify various Mozilla websites under the mozilla.org domain. One of the biggest changes will be that www.mozilla.com moves to www.mozilla.org/firefox. John’s blog has more details and links to other posts about these plans.

Thunderbird Rapid Release Plans
Thunderbird is moving to the same sort of rapid release process as Firefox and the team is looking for feedback on a draft of their Development Specifics document. Take a look and send the Thunderbird developers any thoughts or suggestions you have about their plans.

Upcoming events
* August 16, London, England, Selenium users meetup
* August 17, New York, New York, Develop a useful Firefox extension: Intro Meeting
* August 18, online, Webinar: History API with Syd Lawrence
* August 19, Mountain View, California, Mozilla WebFWD » CoffeeFWD
* August 19, online, AMO Automation Testday
* November 4 – 6, London, England, Mozilla Festival — Media, Freedom and the Web
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved!

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