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Firefox Flicks
We are excited to let everyone know that the Firefox Flicks video competition is now open for entries. So if you’re a creative filmmaker or animator who would like to educate users about the issues that affect our online lives why not create a short film and enter the competition? All entries will be judged by a panel of Hollywood Judges and entered to win cash prizes. The deadline for entries is May 1, 2012. For more information please visit firefoxflicks.org.

A Look at Gaia
Gaia, Mozilla’s user interface for Boot to Gecko – all web technologies
Josh Carpenter, who is the Lead Designer for Boot to Gecko has posted a number of screenshots of the new Gaia interface for B2G. What makes Gaia truely awesome is that it is all developed using the Web technologies HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The other wonderful thing about Gaia is that it is developed completely in the open! All the Gaia code is available on GitHub so you can check it out and test or contribute right now! If you would like to learn more about Gaia and the B2G project watch our talk given last week at the Mobile World Congress.

Growing Mozilla
David Boswell gives an update on Grow Mozilla, an initiative to help Mozillians achieve their crazy and ambitious goals by bringing in volunteers to their teams. Grow Mozilla brings together the tools, channels and expertise from our team and from other parts of the project into one place.
If you’d like to talk to us about how to find volunteers for your team, come to our regular real life discussion forums or join our online discussion forum.

Q & A With Michal Biniek
Michal Biniek is a frontend developer on the Innogames Lagoonia team, and an enthusiast of JavaScript and new web technologies like HTML5/CSS3, WebSockets, and WebRTC.
If you’ve been following Dev Derby since it launched last year, you might remember seeing Michal’s entries Fly, fly! or Too Many Fish in the Sea. Check out the Q & A to find out more about Michal.
Submissions are now open for upcoming Derbies: CSS 3D transforms, Audio, and the Web Sockets API.

Meet Some Mozillians
Bonjour Mozilla says bonjour to Marcia Knous, Brendan Eich, Andreas Gal, Santiago Hollmann (Nuno), Haitham El-Ghareeb, Matjaž à la tribune and Jardín Firefox en Cuba. Read more about how these people are contributing to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* March 9, On the Web, Mozilla Persona (formerly known as BrowserID) Testday
* March 25, London, England Mozilla Popcorn Learning Lab

* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar
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