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Community Phonebook
Please take a moment to create a profile on our Mozillians phonebook. This helps us communicate with all active and core Mozillians and it makes our community feel smaller and better engaged. There are also new features coming soon that will help you connect with other community members.

Goodbye, Little Friends
One of the cute red pandas
The three small red panda cubs Dolly, Bernadette and Winston, which were presented on the Firefox Live site for the last few months, will move to new zoos today. They have been in the Knoxville Zoo for almost one year and gained Internet fame after more than 250,000 hours of heart-warming cuteness. Unfortunately, this will be the last chance to see these cute and fluffy animals again on your screens so make sure to check them out before they leave. Goodbye, Firefoxes, we’ll miss you.

Mozilla Webmakers
Matt Thompson, Chief Storyteller for the Mozilla Foundation, has posted some updates on his blog regarding Mimi Ito’s talk about connecting learning and webmaking, a video series about the next webmaker generation, Etherpop and a write-up about the “Girls Learning Code” camp. Make sure to check it out.

BrowserQuest Video Game
BrowserQuest, a multiplayer game in the style of a classic video-game has been mentioned on the hacks.mozilla.org blog this week. It’s been coded in HTML5 in JavaScript and its source is available on GitHub. So go ahead and contribute to it, or create your own character and venture into the world of fighting enemies with your friends.

Developing a Mozilla Code of Conduct
Mozilla is going to develop an aspirational Code of Conduct for its community and for that, we need your help. If you’re a long-term Linux user, you might already know that Ubuntu has its own Code of Conduct, so we think that creating one for Mozilla is a big and a very important step for all of us. If you have time, feel free to visit our newsgroup and take a look at the draft, and join the discussion.

The Web is the Platform
Christian Heilmann, Principal Developer Evangelist of the Mozilla Developer Network, has given a great presentation at the MDN hack day about HTML 5 and its opportunities for developers. He also recently posted thoughts about the safeness of free apps.

Meet Some Mozillians
Bonjour Mozilla says bonjour to Robert O Callahan, Moncef Hammou, Swarnava, Ten Forward and to the Team Flux. Read more about how these people are contributing to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* March 30, Online Firefox Mobile Test Day
* March 30, Online Testday for Mozilla Reps
* March 30, San Francisco, California TLDRconf
* April 4, Béziers, France Web 5
* April 21, Buenos Aires, Argentina MozCamp LATAM
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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