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Where Are We All Now?
Many Voices, One Mozilla – This was the theme of many Mozilla-related events throughout the world last year. But how many voices do we really have? And where are they located? Three years ago, Dave Townsend, who works for the Mozilla Corporation, created a map that shows where all of his co-workers are on this planet. Recently, some new members of the Firefox team asked him if he could update it, and he did: Just a few days ago, Dave unveiled his fully zoomable map which shows where all Mozilla employees are in the world. And it’s definitely amazing to see how scattered they are.

Local Mozilla Communites

Thanks to Mozilla’s huge number of diverse communities, the open web grows everywhere around the world. An important part of a community is their local website, which gains more Mozillians and makes them a part of this huge team. Here, as an example, we have an upcoming version of the German community’s website. If you are from Germany, feel free to test it and take a sneak peek at the fantastic site which was coded by two motivated Mozillians. If you live in another country, share your local community’s website with your friends and be part of the large effort to help Mozilla make the web better.

Reader Mode for Desktop Firefox
If you’re using Firefox on your Android phone, you’ve probably already noticed the reader mode which makes you read websites smoother and more beautiful by removing all the clutter. The minimalist user interface gained lots of attention, but right now, it’s only available on mobiles. Four students from Michigan State University are going to change that – they are going to implement a Reader Mode for desktop Firefox. Jared Wein and Lukas Rocha will mentor the almost four-months long project. If you are reading a lot online and can’t wait to use the feature for the first time, make sure to check back on Jared’s blog once a week to receive the latest updates.

Bringing Back the Favicon
When Frédéric Buclin, one of the main developers of the Bugzilla project, downloaded the new Firefox 14, he noticed something: the favicon was removed from the address bar, just like the colorful background that indicated a safe SSL connection. Since Firefox is an open-source project and everyone can contribute by making changes to its code or by writing an add-on, you won’t be left out in the rain if you feel the same way. Frédéric tells in his latest blog post how to restore the favicon and give the site identity button some color again.

MozCamp Run-Up
If you have been invited to the latest MozCamp in Warsaw, you’re probably already very excited. But honestly, who wouldn’t get excited about talking to and meeting awesome Mozillians, put faces to their names or meet up with friends? The incredible event is approaching very fast and it will be the best ever. Brian King, a passionate developer, wants to get the word out about a few things and invite you to an event in Warsaw shortly before MozCamp.

Photo of the Week

Jetpack Workweek

The Jetpack team at the London Office

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Lapoco Benesperi, Vuyisile Ndlovu, Vivien Nicolas and Firefox in Berlin. Read more about how they are contributing to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* September 6, San Francisco, California Ideas Are Worthless
* September 8-9, Warsaw, Poland MozCamp Europe
* September 12, San Francisco, California The Business of Open Source
*September 17, Freiburg, Germany Smashing Conference
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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