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Glimpse Of a New Address Book for Thunderbird
Mike Conley is a software developer who lives in Toronto. More importantly, he’s a Thunderbird developer and played a big role in shipping Instant Messaging for Thunderbird. Now that he’s done, he moved on to his next project: Creating an improved address book for one of the best e-mail clients in the world. Having created an initial mock-up for the community to review less than a week ago, he received many suggestions and came up with another awesome sneak preview which is just waiting for you to be seen. So make sure to check it out and maybe also leave some feedback.

Persona – One Password Fits All
Do you hate having to remember dozens of passwords, switching between different accounts and multiple user names? For the last twelve months, Mozilla has been working on a system that offers a breakthrough by completely eliminating passwords on websites. The new login system is also safely usable everywhere – on your smartphone, desktop browser or tablet. You can go and get your hands on the open-source project now.

Privacy and Social
Les Orchard who works for the Mozilla Corporation published a blog post about a very important topic: Privacy and Social Media. In his post he talks about how essential knowing your rights is and he also tells his opinion about people who complain about what social networks do with your private and personal data. He wraps everything up and puts it into a conclusion that consists of three options: Paying to create your own private social spaces on the web, accepting everything for what it is or lobbying lawmakers to outlaw what social networks do with your content.

How to Disable the New Tab Page in Firefox
Since Firefox 13, your favorite web browser displays thumbnails of websites you often visit when opening a new tab. While the majority of its users love the feature, there are some people who don’t really like it and want to disable it. If you’re one of them, Chris Ilias tells you how to disable the new tab page in his latest blog post, which is as easy as pie and can be done with just a single click.

Webmaker Update
Just a few days ago, Matt Thompson, Chief Storyteller for the Mozilla Foundation, gave an update on everything that Webmakers need to know. He tells you how to register for the Mozilla Festival 2012 in London, submitting your proposal and offering a glimpse of what the internet of the future might look like and helping to create a Hall of Fame which highlights the best Summer Code Party contributions from the summer. Check out his blog post and also get to know more about “Craftyy”, a web-based remixable game editor.

Photo of the Week


The LibreBus Team

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Melek, rednaks, Laurel Walzak and Kathryn Starke. Read more about how they are contributing to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* October 4, Amsterdam, NL Fronteers
* October 19, Bristol, UK Web Developer Conference
* October 23, Ludwigsburg, Germany EclipseCon Europe
* November 17-18, Singapore MozCamp Asia 2012
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

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