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r2d2b2g – Firefox OS meets Firefox
Testing Firefox OS for mobiles on your desktop isn’t always easy. Trying to run it was pretty challenging – until now! Thanks to the work of Myk Melez who has been a Mozillian since 1999, you can start B2G with just one click. Because the experimental test environment is packed inside an add-on, you can easily install it without any hassle. No matter if you’re using Windows, Linux or a Mac. Read Myk’s blog post to get started.

The All-New Firefox
A new version of Firefox was released today and is available for download now. Apart from supporting two new languages which reach out to more than 11.22 millon native Kazakh and Acholi speakers, Firefox debuts a new developer toolbar. It makes developing for the Web faster and easier than ever before by allowing you to control the tools with your keyboard. Android users also benefit from the update. The new Reader Mode makes it easier to view, read and share articles and stories with just one tap. Update your Firefox now and take browsing to the next level.

Stub Installer in Firefox Nightly
Here’s a crazy question: What if you could install Firefox without actually downloading it? Well, now you can find out by testing the new Stub Installer for Firefox on the latest Nightly build. The new installer streamlines the installation process which now consists of downloading a very small program. It automatically downloads everything you need and installs Firefox in next to no time. Jason Smith, Quality Assurance Engineer, tells you how you can get your hands on it in his latest blog post.

New Business Ideas
Most people think of “freedom” when they hear the word Mozilla. Because the software is completely free, free as flying birds, and open-source. To keep it that way, sustaining the Mozilla project financially for the next years is absolutely necessary. We’re exploring new business models and want to approach them with our values while keeping the users, developers and partners in mind. Do you have ideas? Great! Because this project is a work in progress, we look forward to your comments and feedback.

Firefox Metro Preview Release
Since the beginning of this year, we have been redesigning Firefox from the ground up so that it runs on Windows 8. Not only on its “classic Desktop” environment, but also in the new “Metro” style. A lot of progress has been made and just a few days ago, the beginning of the testing phase arrived. The preview has a simple yet powerful and streamlined interface called “Australis” that is just beautiful. It also includes a new Metro style start page, support for Firefox Sync and it supports gestures. In Asa Dotzler’s blog post, you can see all information to start trying out the future of Firefox on Windows 8.

Photo of the Week


Our little friends from Mozilla Taiwan

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to the local Mozilla communities. Read more about what they are proud of and what their biggest goals for 2013 are.

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