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Easy Localization With Pontoon
Whatcanidoformozilla.org is a fun and useful website that helps you find a coding project you can contribute to. When Josh Matthews released his awesome work, it was only available in English. But from now on, you can change that by localizing it with an easy-to-use tool called Pontoon. Visit Matjaž Horvat’s latest blog post to get started. Apart from Whatcanidoformozilla.org, you can also localize Firefox OS using Pontoon.

Safer Browsing on Firefox for Android
Firefox displays a warning and doesn’t even attempt to load the site if it detects a page that may attack your computer by stealing private information or damage your system. For a rather long time, this feature didn’t find its way to Firefox for Android because of the large list of attack pages. Now, thanks to a sophisticated method, malware and phishing protection is enabled in Firefox for Android and available in the Aurora and Nightly builds. You can read Gian-Carlo Pascutto’s blog post about how the developers managed to implement the protection.

Make Your Own Political Campaign Ad
Just in time for the Presidential debate in the US tonight you can make your very own political ad starring YOU. Mozilla’s and PBS Newshour’s new tool called AdLibs allows you to create your own satirical ad and share your videos with your family or friends. Because learning web and media skills through making is at the heart of Mozilla’s new Webmaker program, anyone can use it. And Matt Thompson tells you in his blog post how to make your very own political campaign ad.

SUMO Now Helps an Additional 7.3 Million Visitors
Three weeks ago, the SUMO team made the switch to a brand new information architecture and an even newer design which makes finding an article that helps you easier than before. Now, it’s clear that the changes helped people find the articles they were looking for: An increase by 5 percentage points of helpful articles, which means an additional 7.3 million visitors per year stating that they found a SUMO article helpful. Read Kadir Topal’s blog post to find out who made these results possible.

More HTML5 Videos Thanks To H.264
H.264 is a video compression standard that many videos use. It makes them smaller while keeping up the quality. Unfortunately, this standard is not so open and thus, Firefox didn’t support playing those videos natively without using e.g. a Flash player. Until now. The H.264 support for the HTML5 video element has landed in Gecko. It’s now also in the Firefox Beta for Android and you can start testing it now. Read Brendan Eich’s blog post to find out when it will find its way to the desktop-version on Firefox.

Photo of the Week


Deborah Loo at the Mozilla HQ

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Jared Wein, Bonnie Flatt and the Web. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

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