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I’m a Mozillian, Ask me Anything
There are many people all over the world who want to ask questions to Mozillians like you, like “What is it like to contribute to Mozilla?”, “How did you start contributing?” and “How can I join Mozilla?”. Tanner Filip organizes an event on the well-known platform called “Reddit”, themed “I’m a Mozillian, ask me anything” which will take place tomorrow. If you are interested in answering those questions, head over to his blog post and join us.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox
For the last few months, our developers have been working hard on building the Social API into Firefox, which allows you to integrate your favorite social sites into your favorite browser, Firefox. Now, the first test is ready to use – the Facebook Messenger for Firefox, which features a sidebar with all of your friends’ activities. You can chat with them on any website and thanks to the like button in the navigation bar, you can also like any website. The Social API doesn’t change what social providers can see about your online behavior unless you explicitly decide to share it, but it does make it much easier to stay connected.

Review add-ons and get gear
To recognize add-on reviewers’ time and effort, we have launched a reviewer incentive program. For each add-on review, reviewers accumulate points that fetch them cool gear. This will also become available to app reviewers when Firefox Marketplace launches later this year. If you’re interested in volunteering as an app reviewer, you can indicate your interest here and we’ll contact you when the program gets off the ground.

Image Enhancement Technology
Imagine that you’d take a photo with your web cam of something in a rather dark room. Of course it’d be very noisy and everything but crisp. Now, thanks to Justin Dolske, you can take crisp, clean and smooth photos in dark environments. He implemented a technology into his demo that NASA used to take this photo of the space. The best thing about this is that you don’t need any third-party apps to enhance your images. You can visit his blog post and test the demo with your own images, or learn how to create your own simple image filters.

The New and Powerful Popcorn Maker
A few days ago, the new and powerful Popcorn Maker demo made its debut on TED.com, showing its potential to change the way we tell stories on the web. The online tool allows you to add live content to any video, including maps, pictures, social media feeds and more. Until its launch at the Mozilla Festival in November, you can already test the beta version which the team is still polishing for the final release. Matt Thompson’s latest blog post tells you how to get your hands on it.

The Danger of Closed Marketplaces
Tristan Nitot, Principal Mozilla Evangelist, recommends a very good article he read about closed app stores (also known as marketplaces) in his latest blog post. It’s focused on the new Windows 8 app store that clearly demonstrates the dangers of app stores monopolies, pioneered by Apple with the iPhone then the iPad, with now Microsoft taking a page from Apple’s book and applying it to the tablet version of Windows 8. Read his blog post to find out more about what Windows 8’s closed distribution means.

Photo of the Week


Contributor playing Jenga at the after-party of #MozKopdarMKS

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to contributors from all over the world. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

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